Elon Musk has picked a successor as Tesla CEO: Here are the top candidates for the top job

Elon Musk has chosen the successor to Tesla at the $600 billion electric vehicle carmaker the serial entrepreneur has been officially linked to as CEO since mid-2008, but by his own words is effectively running Tesla because He invested in the company back in 2004. It seems Musk has reached a decision on who should fill his considerable shoes one day this year.

James Murdoch, son of Australian media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, told the Delaware Court of Chancery that there was actually a name Musk had settled on went.

Murdoch said this had happened over the past few months, but did not provide further details on how formal the decision has been. It is not clear whether the board has given its consent. whether or not they have agreed to it in principle or in writing or whether they have any knowledge of it at all.

Also the plan may not go into action any time soon and it is always possible that later down the line decisions may change so in no way should this be treated as a deal done on the basis of known information.

The news came in part because several board directors are on trial over the company’s historically high CEO compensation package and need to prove to a presiding judge that Musk’s myriad interests make him a flight risk at Tesla. Gave.

To ensure that he remained properly engaged in creating value for his shareholders, he argues, he was to be rewarded for milestone achievements with a $56 billion stock option package that Musk helms Tesla.

Drew Baglino’s job is really one to lose. Senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering is the company’s most senior engineer behind Musk. He is expected to have been the mastermind behind the move to next-generation vehicle powertrains using advanced 4680 battery cells. That would facilitate innovations capable of removing entire process steps from production such as the introduction of dry electrodes.

Collectively they should cut the cost per kilowatt hour of each battery in half and help Tesla maintain leadership in the EV industry through this decade. Baglino is the only engineer besides Musk to regularly appear on quarterly earnings calls. Keeps investors informed on important developments during

Omed Afshar alternately described as a fixer or right-hand man for the entrepreneur Afshar works at Tesla as a senior director in CEO Musk’s office He is considered one who excels in execution and recently oversaw the construction of Tesla’s massive new factory in Texas that will build the Cybertruck pick-up.

Ashok Eluswamy Key to Tesla’s reputation as a technology company rather than a carmaker has been its competence in the field of advanced artificial intelligence.

Finance chief Zach Kirkhorn has consistently delivered excellent numbers since taking over from Deepak Ahuja in March 2019. Profit margins have actually increased since smaller low-cost vehicles like the Model 3 were rolled out and their tight control over costs is significant. Earnings grew disproportionately compared to vehicle sales growth, partly because operating expenses (OpEx) remained surprisingly low.

JB Straubel Many longtime Tesla fans would like to see the return of JB, Musk’s key partner during the company’s early days. Straubel, who had been an EV pioneer almost since the company’s inception, left in 2019 after 15 years running his own company, an EV battery recycling firm called Redwood Materials.

hidden Rustom Musk is an eccentric CEO someone who trusts his gut instinct whether it is developing a polarizing model like the Cybertruck that initially backfired from its exotic design or the LiDAR radar and even ​that it was choosing to rely entirely on cameras for its advanced driver assistant systems while eschewing ultrasonic sensors.

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