Elon Musk held a 2 a.m. livestream to test a ‘new mic’ where he spammed listeners with fart and rooster noises for 10 minutes while laughing

Elon Musk conducted a livestream at 2 pm to test out a ‘new mic’ where he spammed listeners with farts and rooster noises for 10 minutes while Elon Musk took to Twitter at 2 pm on Tuesday. Livestream Hosted A short livestream co-hosted by the Twitter CEO, the audience heard a variety of sounds ranging from footsteps to chicken crowing.

His co-host Jason Calacanis wondered if Musk was getting out of the toilet after flushing In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Elon Musk co-hosted a 10-minute livestream in which he introduced more than 42,000 Twitter users to the new Treated the dulcet tone to test the mic.

Musk co-hosted the Twitter Space livestream with Jason Calakanis, an investor and podcaster. The livestream consisted mainly of Musk laughing and experimenting with a voice transformer that distorted his voice with helium from a balloon. Seems like Calacanis said to Musk at one point, laughing.

Calacanis then asked Musk what time was it in California I’m here in Austin it’s 2 o’clock Musk said wait there’s a full sound board can you see the sound board? Livestream viewers heard what appeared to be running water. You can’t go into Twitter space when you’re in the bathroom, Calakanis said.

Musk and Calacanis continue to test various functions on their sound board, ranging from fart sounds and static to a cockerel’s crowing, all of which dissolve into laughter.

After a minute of spamming the audience with the sound, Musk announced that his voice was back to normal and that he thought the voice-changing act was kind of amusing. Musk later said before logging out of the Twitter space.

Musk is a seriously nighttime in the most natural sounding way for him and has said that he typically nods off around 3 a.m. The Twitter Chief is known for burning the midnight oil. In November he sent an email at 12 PM asking Twitter representatives to “long Encouraged to work at focused energy or quit your place of employment.

He is also known for his erratic behavior on Twitter, including an April 2022 tweet saying he wanted to buy Coca-Cola to bring cocaine back into soft drinks.

It isn’t sure on the off chance that Musk was attempting the Twitter space for a business related reason or for no great explanation specifically. Musk didn’t instantly answer Insider’s requesting for input. As shown by the Bloomberg Head honchos Rundown, Musk without a doubt transformed into the world’s most extreme person on Monday. By and by his absolute resources is $187.1 billion.

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