Elon Musk instills confidence in TSLA stock: ‘Tesla will be the most valuable company on Earth’

Elon Musk is confident that Tesla will be the most valuable company on Earth In an email to the company, he assured employees of Tesla’s bright future. Elon Musk recently sent his usual end-of-year email to employees. As Reuters reports, Musk directly addressed Tesla’s current stock market madness in his email to employees. As we keep on exhibiting remarkable execution, the market will remember it,” the Tesla Chief wrote in his email.

TSLA stock closed at a 7-day low on Wednesday, trading at $112.71 at market close. Tesla stock is down about 68% for 2022. Some Wall Street analysts have already lowered their distribution estimates for Q4. TSLA bulls, on the other hand, are not fazed by the current downtrend in the stock. Rather, they are seeing it as a buying opportunity. TSLA bulls argue that the company’s fundamentals remain strong, and the market will eventually recognize that.

Tesla shares kept on declining in the midst of Elon Musk’s procurement of Twitter. Musk additionally sold a portion of his TSLA shares recently for various Twitter-related reasons, influencing Tesla stock. Many reprimanded the progressions on Twitter. Musk’s administration of online entertainment stages has affected general assessment on Tesla – – despite the fact that the two organizations are isolated.

Tesla has additionally been hit with bits of gossip about request issues, especially in China. Recently, sources familiar with the Giga Shanghai production claimed that Tesla’s Gigafactory in China will close for an extended time during the Chinese New Year. Rumor has led many to believe that Tesla China will reduce production of the Giga Shanghai next month. However, Tesla China issued a statement in January correcting the assumptions about the shutdown.

The rumor of Tesla leaving is not true. Tesla China said that in fact, most workers at the Shanghai Gigafactory will be on leave from January 20-28, a day more than the statutory holiday before and after, allowing everyone to flexibly make arrangements to return to their homes. meets. Tesla China also clarified that Giga Shanghai will “continue to operate at a brisk pace” as it prepares for the upcoming holiday in January.

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