Elon Musk Is the ‘Bravest’ Person on Earth, Netflix CEO Says

Elon Musk is the bravest and most creative man on Earth, according to Reed Hastings, co-chief executive officer of Netflix Inc., on stage at the New York Times DealBook conference on Wednesday. He means well, despite some mistakes made by Hastings.

Hastings said that I am 100% sure that he is trying to help the world in all his endeavors. How he goes about it isn’t the means by which I would make it happen. Musk who likewise drives Tesla Inc and SpaceX answered a video of the remarks on Twitter expressing gratitude toward Hastings for her benevolent words.

Hastings also touched on other controversial topics. He said that he had encouraged Bob Iger, the newly reappointed CEO of The Walt Disney Company, to run for president. And he told viewers he had no regrets about running a comedy special starring Dave Chappelle that included jokes about transgender people that drew criticism from LGBTQ activists and staff. Hastings said he would run it again and again.

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