Elon Musk is using Bronny James’ cardiac arrest to baselessly spout anti-vaccine talking points

Elon Musk is using Bronnie James’ heart failure to share antibody ideas James suffered a heart attack Monday during b-ball practice at USC. In a tweet, Musk made unwarranted speculation about a coronavirus vaccination, which has no connection to James in any way.

Elon Musk is using new information about Bronnie James’ heart failure to make unfounded hypotheses about coronavirus antibodies on Twitter.

A family representative told Insider on Tuesday that James suffered a heart attack Monday during ball practice at USC’s Galen Community. He was taken to the medical clinic and treated in the ICU. James’s condition is currently stable.

The news was shared widely on Twitter on Tuesday, prompting Musk to share some of his reasoning about the antidote.

In response to a tweet about the James news, Musk raised the issue of the coronavirus vaccination — without any evidence that it was linked to James’ heart failure.

“We can’t attribute everything to vaccination in any case, on the other hand, we can’t attribute anything to anything,” Musk – currently known as X – said on Twitter. Myocarditis is a known incidental effect. The main inquiry is whether it is interesting or normal.”

Myocarditis is not the best-known cause for sudden heart failure in young competitors there has been no concrete disclosure that the coronavirus vaccination caused James to go into cardiac arrest during Monday’s practice.

In rare cases, the coronavirus vaccination can cause a type of heart irritation called myocarditis, and this problem is more common in younger peers. In any case, there is no indication that James, then 18, had myocarditis.

For the most part, coronavirus vaccination-induced myocarditis involves some mild chest pain and possibly shortness of breath. Young people are at risk of developing more severe myocarditis from a disease called coronavirus.

There are several different motivations behind why James’ heart may have stopped working on the court.

Dr. John Higgins, sports cardiologist for the Houston Rockets ball team, expressed earlier in an article shared by UTHealth Houston. “Sometimes it can even be a simple heart in a tough place.”

The most widely recognized cause of unexpected heart failure in youth competitors in the US is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is often due to hereditary traits, and makes it difficult for a person’s heart to pump or eject enough blood.

Musk did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for input on his tweets. They have long had a misconception or two about coronavirus antibodies and, surprisingly, despite the rational consensus that vaccination is safe and offer protection against severe coronavirus, they have held them up for sufficiency.

Musk’s virtual entertainment site has also boosted the profile of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a moderate candidate for president who has installed one of the most prominent opponents of vaccination unions, and who has pushed incredible ideas about coronavirus antibodies and 5G remote innovation.

Tycoon Elon Musk appears to have pulled a local field note from his own tweet on Tuesday as an advanced foe of the VAX conviction.

In light of the news that the 18-year-old child of NBA genius LeBron James experienced congestive heart failure, Musk recommended that the coronavirus shot be taken into account. James’ child, Bronnie, was at b-ball practice at USC and was taken to a medical clinic before being declared in stable condition.

Musk tweeted. “Myocarditis is a known secondary effect. The main investigation is whether it is interesting or normal.”

Whatever the case, we cannot attribute everything to vaccination, we cannot attribute it to anything all the time.

Myocarditis is a known secondary effect. The main question is whether it is complex or simple.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 25, 2023

A note from the People’s group was posted just below Musk’s tweet, saying that “the risk of myocarditis after vaccination is essentially greater than the actual coronavirus disease,” as the Yale Institute of Medicine accurately indicated.

The note further said, “Among youth, the risk of myocarditis after coronavirus infection was almost twice as high after the next vaccination step.”

Brony’s vaccination status and clinical history in relation to the coronavirus are unclear. Experts have not explained why Broni was experiencing myocarditis in the same way. In any case, Musk immediately thought the antibody was potentially capable of addressing the tycoon’s conspiratorial inclinations.

However, shortly after the local area note surfaced, it was removed from Musk’s tweet. X, Twitter’s new name, hasn’t announced a comeback. Musk hasn’t commented on the comeback by the same token.

Musk’s comments were immediately picked up by traditional outlets including Fox News, who also made a connection between Broni’s clinical phenomenon and vaccination.

Martha McCallum of Fox News similarly expressed that “myocarditis is the result of vaccinations” while individual host Laura Ingraham claimed that myocarditis is on the rise.

Studies outside the emergency clinic where Broni was hurt have found no link between heart failure and coronavirus antibodies. Once again, neither the James family nor any clinical experts have expressed that Broni was diagnosed with myocarditis at any point.

The Infectious Prevention and Prognostic Communities state that antibody-induced myocarditis affects approximately 0.01% of males aged 18 to 29 years.

Responding to a report about how LeBron James’ child Brony experienced heart failure, Elon Musk suggested the health crisis could be linked to a coronavirus vaccination.

He tweeted, “We can’t attribute everything to vaccination, no matter what, on the other hand, we can’t attribute anything. Myocarditis is a known emergent effect. The main investigation is whether it complicates Or normal.”

The Yale Institute of Medicine writes on its site that myocarditis, or enlargement of the heart muscle, “is an unusual symptom of mRNA coronavirus vaccination, which has been used with extraordinary success as insurance against SARS CoV-2 infection and its variants.” done with.” Done with.” Done with.”

The 18-year-old b-ball genius was taken to an emergency clinic on Monday after experiencing heart failure during b-ball practice.

According to TMZ, a representative for the James family said: “During practice yesterday, Brony James experienced congestive heart failure. Clinical staff had the option of fetching Brony and taking her to the emergency clinic.

“He is at present in a steady condition and isn’t in ICU. We ask for respect and safety for the James family and will update the media as more data becomes available,” the rep said.

The rising star is focused on playing for USC next season with the understanding that he will probably be drafted to the NBA soon.

California Representative Ted Lieu responded to Mr Musk, tweeting: “You are close to tremendous wealth. Please advise some people. You can’t tell if Mr James also has myocarditis. More seriously, the American Heart Association says ‘gambling is more likely to cause coronavirus disease antibodies than myocarditis.’

Columnist Ben Adler tweeted the comparison: “Myocarditis is a more common symptom of coronavirus than vaccination.”

Political expert and Nancy Pelosi’s little girl, Christine Pelosi, reiterated the conclusion: “An appeal to God for #BronyJames’ full recovery. Once again Mr. X has chosen to weaponize those crazy ideas.” Which heightens the excitement of a public family secret – here’s the current reality: myocarditis is a more common symptom of coronavirus than vaccination.”

This is not the first time that the Twitter owner has criticized vaccination and promoted collusion regarding the infection.

He tweeted last month that in spite of the fact that he has “huge antibodies,” Mr. that’s what musk said “the world has obviously gone crazy with mass immunization against ‘Covid.’ The failure to perceive this is totally off-base.”

This tweet looks like one he posted in April 2021, when he said: “To be honest, I really support coronavirus antibodies overall and categorically. The science is clear. In exceptional cases, a hypersensitivity reaction occurs, yet it can be easily controlled with an EpiPen.”

He also recommended last year that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading immunologist and White House adviser on the coronavirus pandemic, be prosecuted. He tweeted, “My pronouns are Indict/Fauci.” He also described the extent of the domestic epidemic as “excessive”.

As of November 2022, his organization, Twitter, explained that it had done so in order to “maintain a data strategy that misdirects the coronavirus”.

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