Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Apple And The iPhone

Elon Musk made this shocking tweet. He was waging an internet battle against Apple at the time he was referring to it. Although this isn’t the first time Apple has tied up with rival tech firms, it was undoubtedly the first of many times. Who are we really up against in this situation, faced with an adversary in the form of the world’s richest man Elon Musk? What a struggle to bring down the world’s richest man’s wealthy corporation.

The world is ready to know what Elon revealed about Apple Epic Games that existed before Facebook and Twitter Elon Musk to recognize the struggle of these two other businesses and continue to share with Apple Inspired that will help us understand how Apple came to exist. The relationship with Elon Musk while Elon’s tweet about the fruit company’s exploitative 30% tax also alludes to everything that goes wrong with relationships with other tech businesses.

This conflict is more complex than you might believe and this dispute is at the center of it. Both companies are technically computer corporations on paper. Facebook and Apple’s dispute over privacy began there, although their business strategies and sources of income are very different. Nearly all of Apple’s revenue comes from hardware, with the iPhone accounting for the lion’s share. The conflict between Zuckerberg and Cook targeted Facebook. User and Apple are very strict when it comes to software privacy.

Less risk than Google’s Android This policy has always been an inconvenience for Facebook which previously worked with HTC to make the Facebook phone The Cambridge gadget died a terrible death after the Analytica incident of personal data by third-parties The real problem began in 2018. In the years that followed, Apple made several changes to its operating system and its App Store that ultimately made it more difficult for app developers to access users’ personal data without their explicit consent.

Cook had asked Facebook to delete any consumer data they collected but Zuckerberg refused for serious reasons, Facebook saw it as an attack on his company. actually loss of revenue for facebook yes that is the answer until in recent years they have moved away from their original business model to change their name to meta and towards metaverse they have invested heavily in hardware virtual and augmented Realme has put money on speculating that this will be a new area of the Internet.

They won’t have to worry about Apple and its representative five policies that are now the background of this conflict. As they control hardware in the new realm, Apple is embroiled in another bad fight. A different kind of computer company here. Come The Great Games This Epic Games film re-imagines the 1984 commercial that featured IBM as Big Brother, turned by Apple as the villain.

Unlike Epic Games Facebook did not always have a positive working relationship with Apple, at first they co-produced the game from that point to the end. The connection was highlighted repeatedly on the App Store at 2017’s Epic and many other Apple product launches, you can only imagine how astonished Apple was when Tim Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of Epic, announced that Apple had Has started openly attacking the payment method.

Apple spent $1 million marketing for Epic Games. They argued that the 30% tax on sales was unfair but Epic Games accepted the rule for about 10 years. It is not clear what changed but it is certain that as of 2020 Epic has added the new feature to their Fortnite app. introduced a direct payment system, allowing users to make in-game purchases without going through Apple’s App Store while Apple removed the Fortnite app from its App Store.

Apple resisted the demand for years. The store prompted Epic Games to sue Apple on the grounds that Apple’s actions were anti-competitive in violation of federal anti-trust laws and ultimately harmful to small businesses seeking to maintain a safe and secure app ecosystem. Were Apple able to defend itself by saying it needed the payment method to be at a loss but it was surprising in the eyes of the general public that Epic Games ultimately lost the case, the legality of the 30 percent tax now in doubt at this point. There was Elon Musk as every developer outside of Google got involved in the discussion.

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