Elon Musk Just EXPOSED Joe Biden’s Corruption!

Elon Musk exposed Joe Biden’s corruption Unique content when time magazine named Musk its Person of the Year 2021, The man from the future where technology is everything the policies that are in play today It is strange that the fate of the entire human race is in the hands of this man and there is nothing to fear because Elon Musk always exposes the wrongdoings of politicians and other big shots.

Multi-talented billionaire Elon Musk Musk has always sided with the Democratic Party Musk has attacked everyone and everything during his many years of fame as CEO of Tesla SpaceX and now Twitter, apart from Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders has also attacked specific regulatory officials, covid rules labor unions and pronaos shifted their public political positions sharply to the right in 2022 as they endorsed the Republican Party, far-right Twitter activists joined .

Who supported transgender rights and accepted conservative conspiracy theories and vowed that the waking mind protects civilization from viruses Musk attacked America earlier this year I cast my first red vote in America Urged followers to elect Republicans to control Congress in the midterm elections last November I voted for Democrats because they were mostly the party of kindness but they are the party of division and hate.

May said after months of criticizing President Joe Biden, including the social spending bills he signed that hurt the infrastructure and electric vehicle industry, and revealing his vote for Mayor Flores, the Republican congressional candidate, in an exclusive In the run-up to the June 22 election, Musk claimed it was the first time he supported the GOP over a Republican.

Democratic politicians received more from Musk’s donations and he often praised individual Democrats, something he rarely did with his re-elected opponents. He contributed ten thousand dollars to the California proposal in 2005 but it failed. Tesla spent $5.5 million and SpaceX spent about 9.7 million on lobbyists. The former was a highly regulated company where the latter relied on government contracts for a large part.

The Sunlight Foundation said of its revenue in 2013 that SpaceX’s campaign to garner political support has been methodical and sophisticated. Musk expressed his opinion about Donald Trump when he was the Republican nominee, saying, “I feel a little strong.” felt”. He probably isn’t the right man to do what he does doesn’t seem like the kind of personality that represents the United States of America well in 2020, Musk claims he supports Joe Biden, “I’m very excited that the new administration is focused on climate.

I feel very optimistic about the future of sustainable energy with this new administration,” he told Fortune shortly after the president’s inauguration. What Change Elon Musk Brings to President Joe Biden to Encourage Purchase of Electric Vehicles Invited to the White House what were once known as Detroit’s Big Three automakers.

Tesla Inc. was left off the guest list. United States President Joe Biden recently gave a speech in which he credited General Motors with electrifying the entire auto industry, despite the fact that Tesla is the undisputed leader in electric vehicles. You are the market leader, Biden electrified you. said while doing The entire automobile industry is serious about your leadership and it makes sense to address GM CEO Mary Barra directly.

It’s not particularly surprising that Biden left Tesla out of GM’s new factory celebration. It’s a curious stat that American automakers will continue to produce gasoline and diesel vehicles until 2035, which is 14 years from now when Stellanis, the parent company of GM Ford and Chrysler, was invited to the event.

Biden, who has stressed his desire for American electric cars made by union workers to lead the industry several times in his speech, seemed to have reason to clarify that the 400,000-person United Auto Workers union which UK represents. Represents workers in the auto industry. Tesla employees are discouraged from joining the UAW because doing so would result in them losing out on benefits such as stock options.

Musk claimed in a 2018 tweet that it was a requirement for union membership, making it clear that without it Tesla was dominated. Markets in 2021, the electrification of transportation, could not happen on the scale that Tesla sold 627,000 electric cars between January and September, according to reports from Jose Pontes for Clean Technical.

The price cut didn’t please investors as Tesla shares fell nearly 3 percent in Friday afternoon trading. The stock has lost more than 65 percent of its value since the beginning of last year, and Tesla on Friday announced its The Model Y performance model has been reduced in price, bringing down the starting price from around 70,000 to less than 55,000.

The Biden government is saying in general that if we increase government spending something really bad is going to happen if we don’t cut, it’s insane that our spending far exceeds revenue, it’s federal spending and the deficit. Tesla and SpaceX CEOs Say It’s Best If Lawmakers Don’t Pass Nearly $2 Trillion in Social Spending in Climate Bill Biden Encourages Other Companies to Make EVs and Tesla Instead I have taken it upon myself to cut all ties with Tesla and the policies of Elon Musk.

Tesla’s deliberate exclusion from the US EV market will encourage in part to reduce the EV summit was a move because people didn’t like it, however ignoring Tesla’s significant contribution when it comes to the EV market in the United States which could not be done, as a result of a petition filed by 33,000 people via Change.org, demanding that Tesla’s contribution to the field be acknowledged as per a bipartisan infrastructure bill introduced by Kamala Harris EV manufacturers Went.

Spare parts coming from the US will affect Kasturi as he is dependent on China for manufacturing spare parts. Musk is frustrated with the President Biden administration and has left no stone unturned to thwart Elon Musk’s plan so he decides to expose Biden as soon as possible. They took over Twitter Twitter CEO Elon Musk published internal Twitter files revealing how the company handled requests from the Biden team during the 2020 election that some of their nude events be broadcast on Twitter .

A series of tweets allegedly by independent journalist and author Matt Tybee, whom Musk quoted in his tweet, censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. The reason behind the decision to do so was revealed, according to Matt Tabby, the first part of a series of Twitter files based on tens of thousands of internal documents that the microblogging website was able to obtain. Source Twitter Files, the world’s largest and Offering a remarkable narrative from inside one of the most powerful social media networks.

A man-made system that grew beyond its control The Creator’s Story According to Matt Tybee The theme of this classic Frankenstein story is that when Twitter was first created, it was a brilliant tool to facilitate instant mass communication and for the first time Allows global interaction in real time. , but as time went on the business was gradually forced to incorporate those constraints.

The first speech control techniques were intended to stop things like spam and FINA to remove tweets from actors linked to the National Fraud by 2020. The request was common, he said, giving the example of a situation where one executive is messaging another at once. Review and handle more feedback from the Biden team, he wrote in the post. Screen captures of such requests. Celebrities and unknowns alike may be removed and reviewed at the behest of the political party.

Biden secret emails based on information found on Hunter Biden’s discarded laptop October 14, 2020 Hunter Biden’s father pressured Ukrainian government officials to fire prosecutor who Published years ago Who’s Watching in the Company The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden introduced his father.

Elon Musk, the top executive of a Ukrainian energy company during his time as vice president, has expressed his frustration with the Biden administration as he had a long way to go before endorsing Biden for his liberal policies related to climate change But they will pass. The Twitter files released by Musk in the face of many restrictive policies and partisan behavior of Biden have raised many questions about the integrity of the Biden administration.






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