Elon Musk Just Made A HUGE Deal With Trump!

Donald Trump was one of many who had a volatile relationship between the two businessmen when Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter. Elon easily overcame Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter, and many felt that Elon was a strong Trump supporter. And they even bought Twitter The direction of Trump So what’s going on between these two iconic personalities Why is Trump banned from Twitter Why Elon brought him back Donald Trump and Elon Musk When they save each other from issues and disputes.

Before clear picture of their relationship take a look at their timeline and in November 2016 Trump was not in favor of Elon Donald he expressed his strong opinion against Trump and he even said that he is of the opinion that Trump should not be the President He said that Trump lacks the character that characterizes the United States and at the time he supported Hillary Clinton.

Economic and environmental policies and supported them despite Hillary Clinton winning. True Donald Trump won the election Trump decided to be the big man here and he called Musk to be part of the Council of Economic Advisers Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber and other leaders were there when Musk was on the council to be part of the Trump team were.

Heavily criticized but denied all allegations and explained how he could do better with immigration policies and the environment contributed to the situation that led to his newly formed friendship with Trump and his departure from the White House in June 2017. after the passage of time. When the United States pulled itself out of the Paris Agreement.

Elon decided to end his role as Council of Economic Advisers and decided to remain in that role, realizing that the Paris Agreement was on climate change and that it was Donald Trump who declared that he was committed to making a change. It happened that Trump can no longer do anything meaningful while sitting on the President’s chair.

Elon Musk expressed his disagreement and departure from the White House through a tweet. He expressed that climate change should be valued because it is real and that the United States’ decision to leave Paris will not benefit us or the world. A big-time proponent of change, his innovation would have to address the issue Tesla lacks.

To achieve this they gave importance to solar power and energy storage after three years and asked not to be heavily involved in each other’s life or cross paths during an exclusive interview in 2020 Trump talked about Elon Musk he Praised Elon’s intelligence and praised Musk’s achievements, he even said that the credit should be given to Musk, for which Trump changed his attitude towards Musk.

Inspired by Musk to walk out of the Democratic Party and have issues with Kamal Harris and Joe Biden Construction companies were invited and applauded but they deliberately missed out Elon Musk and his mother May Musk reacted badly to this action of the Democratic Party.

Calling him such a terrible act on his part Donald Trump didn’t expect to take the opportunity to stay In the good books of the Musk family, Elon has also been compared to Thomas Edison He referred to Elon as a genius in May 2020 Their friendship grew stronger when Trump came out in support of Elon when he had problems with California’s COVID regulations at the height of the pandemic in 2020 and mandated by public health officials in California.

Shutting down production units including Tesla factory Musk who fought against his decision Donald Trump supported Elon Musk and he expressed his opinion through Twitter Trump tweeted that Tesla plant should be open and California should allow it He also said that it can be executed safely. Musk was overjoyed by Trump’s support and expressed his gratitude by replying to Trump’s tweet in April 2022.

Musk became the owner of Twitter and his purchase came as a shock to everyone globally. Even the Musk community was not aware of his purchase until he announced that Elon Love of Twitter would be his fans. He is well known among and has a huge following. For those who were waiting for this tweet of his followers, he has made a big announcement through his Twitter account.

He said that the ban was a stupid decision and it was also a morally bad decision after which he continued to speak against content moderation and how everyone should have the right to express themselves with freedom of speech when Trump’s Twitter accounts were restored to several estranged celebrities.

Elon’s new policy against content moderation and support of free speech was heavily criticized, Twitter was pulled from the Apple App Store after Elon decided to back down, even Google and Tech giants like Apple were trying to take down Twitter but they have not made their views clear on this till now.

In July 2022, Trump made serious allegations against Elon Musk. Trump revealed that Musk had voted for him in the last elections. Musk benefited surprisingly because he never expected Trump to make such a controversial statement. said that it was during one of their conversations when Elon revealed the shocking news of the vote he had cast.

Elon told Trump that he voted for him. He called Musk an artist. Elon later denied Donald Trump’s claims. He responded by tweeting that Trump’s claims are not true. Can Affect Credibility and Loyalty Most of Elon’s supporters are fans of his work and words.

Trump “didn’t run for president and do it for him.” He emphasized that he does not hate Trump and expressed his honest opinion. Trump was banned from Twitter for valid charges due to the many warnings given to him in the past for being an active Twitter user. The following year, Trump’s tweets about the election came under violation of the glorification of violence policy, even though Trump tried to tweet against the Twitter platform.

Partnered with Elon Musk. Elon denied all the allegations and appeared before the public as a clean slate. No conversation between Elon and Trump regarding the plan It was entirely his decision to buy the social media platform and he had his own reasons after Elon clarified that Trump had not contacted him directly or indirectly .

Many raised concerns about whether Musk would be the next Trump. Musk’s achievements at SpaceX or Tesla were not his greatest achievements to date. His brand is what he is seen as a man with a vision and a plan to implement it. He is supported by eminent personalities as a visionary as well as a doer but Elon’s actions point in the same direction.

is on his way to becoming like Donald Trump, he will soon fill in the gaps of Trump as he starts tweeting about everything he is currently running a Twitter poll and making big decisions based on that Taking the decision, even though Kasturi has lifted the Twitter ban on Trump, she expressed her desire not to return to Twitter and started spending more time there and expressed her opinion that she does not want to return to Twitter.

Trump expressed his happiness over Elon’s Twitter take on Truth Social. He said that he is very happy that Twitter is not in the hands of radical leftists. It is protected from those who have it. Nothing but hate, our country’s musk took it very lightly, he even joked about how he would welcome the former president on twitter, how does Donald Trump have a relationship with Elon Musk, do you think he will come together for future business deals.


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