Elon Musk Just Revealed The New Tesla AI Bot!

The first prototype of Elon Musk’s Tesla AI robot is finally here Tesla is slowly becoming a tech company I mean a lot more tech oriented like Google and Apple than an automobile maker like GM or Toyota.

This could be Tesla’s final destiny. Already computer-powered vehicles are actually earning the better name Robot on Wheels, the first prototype of Elon Musk’s Tesla AI robot will trace the pace at which the tech industry is moving towards the current modern one.

The world is astonishing. The growth graph is nothing short of exponential what was considered a cutting edge technology just a decade ago, it is not considered stupid and downright primitive and the enthusiasm marking their launch is not being looked upon with shame that tickles laughter.

A well-preserved gazette from the 1960s in the mobile phone industry is a good example of what the Massfield News Journal uncovered with a trending headline saying you’ll be able to pocket the phone in the future, it is today. How would this be relevant?

If not only do enthusiasts of innovation want to give something grand for their time since the beginning of the technological revolution in the record books of comic history and such wild motives have sprung up to give rise to the current modern world technology, then we know that Who is leading the search today?

The Tesla Company with its talented CEO Elon Musk is an automobile company that makes electric vehicles, but has a special interest in developing and advancing computer intelligence known as artificial intelligence, or AI, especially for its EVs.

Before we get into Tesla’s AI stories, let’s make things simple for everyone. AI is actually our special inbuilt computer capabilities to learn and execute tasks correctly without the help of humans. Tesla has made its electric vehicle an auto. It is uniquely equipped with AI system known as Pilot which enables you to drive smoothly.

The round city with touching the steering wheel is how it works and the sensors that relay data to the AI ​​computers on the vehicle’s board are information that the AI ​​computers interpret.

Takes you around, but Elon Musk is taking it even further. During Tesla’s AI Day last year, Elon Musk took public a high-priority project the company is undertaking to bring with it a humanoid robot. It was also known as Optimus which effectively turned human hands into simple repetitive duties.

In terms of prioritizing products, the CEO said, “I think it’s really the most important product development that we’re doing this year. Optimus is the humanoid. When it comes to prioritizing Elon Musk we’re going to have other projects early on.” who were previously considered number one but were the latest side to eventually give way to other interesting ones.

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