Elon Musk Just Warned Mark Zuckerberg: “You Need To Stop This Right Now!”

Elon Musk warns Mark Zuckerberg you need to stop it now the rivalry takes a new turn then as always Elon Musk proves again that he’s capable of doing what Zuckerberg never thought possible so what happens now do you think Zuckerberg is now more jealous of Musk than before or did Musk manage to stop him well.

Zuckerberg and Musk’s interests are not as important as Zuckerberg’s interests are mainly in digital technology and Musk’s more with physical technology but with this the Twitter war continues to buy Zuckerberg’s turf and all this back in 2016 It began when they collided massively as SpaceX was getting ready to launch a giant rocket.

In the first collaboration between the billionaires, the Zuckerberg-backed company’s telecommunications satellite would be launched into space by a rocket, although it was never cleared of fire on the rocket that would have prevented it from taking off. Both the rocket and the satellite were destroyed, a major blow for SpaceX, which lost a rocket in a 2015 crash and it all went down the drain as Musk left frustrated but Zuckerberg furious.

Zuckerberg never thought about Elon When Elon Musk classically exploded when he didn’t even have Twitter yet, he said in an interview that Mark Zuckerberg would control Meta for the foreseeable future. And during an interview at the recently held TED conference in Vancouver British Columbia, Elon Musk was asked about his recent offer to buy Twitter Chris Anderson.

Could his role as the richest man on the planet top influencers and platforms create a conflict of interest? During his speech, Musk used the opportunity to take a dig at Zuckerberg, saying he meant media-types. Is owned by Do you have Facebook and Instagram Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp with a share ownership structure in which the 14th Mark Zuckerberg is still controlling those entities.

Musk told the audience amid laughter and applause that literally we can’t have it. Musk’s statement on Twitter was referring to a future long line of Zuckerberg descendants or it could be a reference to King Louis XIV who had France had ruled over the years and Musk was also referring to Zuckerberg’s control over Meta, the parent.

The company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, there’s no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg has a lot of control over Facebook, with the other shareholders having absolute veto power when it comes to making future decisions. He holds 55 percent of the votes in the company. Facebook has a dual-class stock structure, which gives Zuckerberg the ability to exercise super voting powers to elect officers and directors.

In the sense that each of his shares is worth 10 votes while the other shareholders have up to one vote per share. Although Tesla does not have dual-class shares, Musk wields considerable influence in the company with a 17% stake in the electric carmaker. making it the largest individual shareholder, albeit with equal control.

Tesla, as Zuckerberg, has supermajority voting rules that require two-thirds Shaw’s approval to pass major changes to make Musk a major player at the company, the billionaire said if he successfully If he were to acquire Twitter, he would restructure the company in a way that avoids any perception of a conflict of interest.

Actually making the platform’s code publicly available. Musk tweeted that I personally followed his tweet. Editing will not be done but if anything is done to promote the demo or otherwise influence a tweet Musk said his offer to buy Twitter was not about making money, but about freedom of speech on the platform Was.

In addition to Tesla CEO criticizing Mata’s handling of the moderation process, it should come as no surprise that Facebook has been subjected to pressure from both sides of the aisle regarding its handling of the 19 misinformation code. According to Musk, With the capital under siege to allow the dissemination of information.

They say it’s legal in the countries where it operates. I’m not saying I have all the answers here, but I think we’ve got to be very reluctant to take things away and go much further than permanent bans. Should be more careful Timeout I think is better than permanent ban however as we all know Musk and Zuckerberg are having long standing dispute.

Facebook’s satellite Musk has said that Facebook has been most recently criticized for the actions taken during the siege in the capital on January 6, 2021, in addition to the current Elon Musk has been informed that he wants to block the content of Twitter users Protects in the same form of harmful material. Facebook did so after Musk struck a $44 billion deal to buy the social media giant, fueling some concern by human rights groups that the billionaire’s plan to ease content restrictions could lead to increased bullying and misinformation.

Boris Johnson’s spokesman said all social media platforms, regardless of ownership, must be held accountable. In Europe, whether it’s cars or social media, our EU will be subject to new online rules being announced right now to reshape digital markets, with tech giants like Facebook working on it.

For them to be effective, there will need to be more transparency about why certain content is recommended to users or why certain ads are targeted to them, for example. Zuckerberg Musk coming to Twitter would be a nightmare for many employees who previously worked at the United Nations Responding to a statement by former CEO Tim Dorsey and the company’s governance, Musk denied such a fact and said Twitter But people are now more free to use their innovation and hard work.

Musk has spoken out against Facebook several times, saying that neither he nor Tesla have an account on the platform, as a result it is now likely that Musk will create a Twitter account for each of his companies and the WhatsApp co-founder There was a whole lot of drama surrounding this complete Facebook fiasco. Brian Acton tweeted that it is time for Facebook to remove the hashtag.

Facebook Musk jokingly responded to what Facebook is all about, even when a fan replied to Musk’s tweet asking if he would delete the SpaceX Facebook page. Will give, to which Musk replied, I didn’t know anyone would, after another fan pointed it out. There was also a Facebook page of that Tesla that Musk tweeted seemed lame shortly after both the SpaceX and Tesla pages disappeared from Facebook, but later said the choice was not a historical statement.

Musk tweeted that the first should be accompanied by an image of Domino’s as part of the label. It’s called Together. In the context of Facebook’s founding at Harvard University, a website to rate women on campus was about the last Domino rioters. It gave Facebook a chance to go anywhere, and that’s not all. Musk always Has been criticizing Facebook’s data sharing practices since.

He has also shared memes on Twitter about Facebook mentioning that Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced that the company was spying on users, allowing users to share their personal data with Facebook Musk tweeted That people should use the encrypted messaging app Signal, his tweet was retweeted by Jack Dawsey, the CEO of Twitter at the time.

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