Elon Musk left ‘withering’ by heavy boos at Dave Chappelle comedy show

Dave Chappelle brought Elon Musk onstage to massive hooting and jeers from the crowd The comedians were performing at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Sunday, December 11 when the Twitter owner made a surprise appearance.

The crowd was unimpressed and loud booing could be heard from Musk, who retreated to the reception. Looks like some of the people you fired are in the audience, Chappell joked, referring to reports that Musk fired several Twitter staff members who criticized him on internal employee message boards.

Musk reportedly cut thousands of jobs in November, firing outsourced contract employees, including those fighting misinformation on the platform as content moderators. Kasturi can be seen standing on the stage, strangely unsure of what to do. He then tells Chappell that you weren’t expecting that you were.

Chappell was seen defending Musk, then said did you see anything? All those people are hooting, and I’m just pointing out the obvious, those are terrible seats. Crowd member James Yu tweeted after the incident that the Twitter owner asked “what should I say as the hooting continued for minutes.

You couple were on The Dave Chappelle Show in SF tonight and who else showed up than Elon Musk! 80 per cent of the stadium is good. 18k people. And as the cob it withers I felt so bad for it.

Last week, Elton John decided to leave the social media site following Musk’s acquisition, prompting an exodus of several celebrities since October. John expressed, “I have concluded that I will never again be utilizing Twitter, given their new approach change, which will permit falsehood to spin out of control.

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