Elon Musk makes his dog the new CEO of Twitter ‘he’s great with numbers’

Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has handed his title on Twitter to his dog Floki, with Musk declaring that ‘he’s great with numbers’.

The CEO of Twitter, the world’s second largest social media platform, has decided to pass on his title as CEO to his dog.

That is, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who on February 15 jokingly announced on his personal Twitter account that Floki, his Shiba Inu dog, is Twitter’s new amazing CEO. Musk posted a photo of Floki on his desk, showing a piece of paper with the Twitter logo, a black spot for a signature, Floki’s name and the title “Chief Executive Officer” (CEO).

Musk responded to his own image, writing, “Much better than that other guy!” and “He’s perfect for the job!”.

The Twitter CEO tweeted another photo of Floki wearing glasses and wrote, “He’s great with numbers!” The humorous postings from Musk continued. This post was quickly followed by another, in which Musk took a close-up of Floki to show off his “style”.

Apparently, while Musk hasn’t officially made his dog the CEO of the world’s second largest social media platform, the Twitter CEO is having a little fun with his platform as everyone else does.

He’s great with numbers!

And has style

A few days ago, Musk tweeted that a UFO and three unidentified objects were recently brought down by US military personnel, intercepted by their foreign friends.

Musk is very famous for posting his humor/memes on twitter, sometimes it can be a loss, but other times it can put a smile on your face that the richest man in the world is tweeting that he is going to buy Coca Cola. going. going. going. Cocaine is going back in.

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