Elon Musk mocks Alyssa Milano and other celebrities melting down over new verification rules

Elon Musk taunts Alyssa Milano and other famous people for cracking down on new Czech rules.

Tech ultra-rich Elon Musk mocked big names like Alyssa Milano who took to Twitter to deliver a dire warning about progress in character verification.

Milano asks if he has legal plans to sue Musk over system change “So making some meaningful difference since I won’t pay a few unpredictable costs somebody may very well be me and say a ton of bulls***. Does this mean maligning or discount misrepresentation or blackmail on Twitter and @elonmusk Is there a risk of?” asked Milano.

Many noted that Milano has several million followers on Twitter, and it is unlikely that anyone with less devotion would be duped by a fake record claiming to be hers.

Milano’s position was raised on Friday by left-wing extremist Ed Krassenstein.

Krassenstein tweeted, “The attacks on Alyssa Milano are wrong. I think a lot of VIPs have raised concerns.”

He added, “While you may not concur with Milano’s translation of this, she pursues the choice that in every practical sense, each Whiz should be made.”

He continued to say that the superstar would not pay an $8.00 per month fee to confirm he is taking a principled stand against Elon Musk.

Musk jokingly replied.

“We started a ‘Save-a-Big Name Reserve’ to pay them the $8. We take this matter extremely seriously,” he replied.

Krassenstein thought it was really smart for the public to compensate for the superstar’s blue mark of approval in order to defend his liberal standards.

“Haha! Actually I think that might be an answer, even though I don’t know if you’re kidding.” He replied.

“This is a genuine article,” Musk tweeted with two laughing emoticons.

Several big names and online characters have said they will be leaving Twitter entirely because of the system change.

Many on the Left have fiercely criticized musk and his patrons after buying the famous virtual entertainment platform for $44 billion and vowing to make Aid more accountable to free speech standards.

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