Elon Musk opens up about Aliens.

There are super intelligent aliens out there, so they’re probably already watching us which would seem quite likely and we’re not smart enough to realize it, something called the Fermi paradox.

As for where are the aliens I think it was Carl Sagan who said that there are either a lot of aliens or none and they are equally terrifying, one way to think about it is fiction.

You are pretty sure we were going to meet super intelligent aliens. Let’s say the most super intelligent have 10 years or 20 years, then you think that within 20 years yes you have aliens and earth.

I mean I think there’s a lot of potential for microbial life, it’s a lot like when you get more advanced life that there’s less and less chance of umm. It’s an interesting confluence of events.

As if it is not that life must be intelligent life that has evolved somewhere, but that life has to last long enough for us to exist at the same time, but I guess.

this is one of the great questions in physics and philosophy uh uh uh is where the aliens maybe they are among us i don’t know so would suggest this because this great question is called the fermi paradox like where are the aliens like there are so many planets Huh.

The universe is about 14 billion years old, why aren’t aliens everywhere and this is one of the most troubling questions. Do you think we will make contact with aliens within the next 50 years, it’s really hard to say.

I can do some envelope calculations and any advanced alien civilization that was interested in populating the galaxy without even exceeding speed. The speed of light Even if you’re only moving 10 or 20 percent of the speed of light.

you could populate the whole galaxy let’s say 10 million years maybe 20 million years max it’s nothing you know in the grand scheme of things if there’s a lot of aliens i mean invasion ship slash uh bug infestation Just you know.

like it’s like an alien civilization might just make us look like a bug infestation ok you know it’s like we like that planet now it’s got bunch of bugs just fumigate it you know.

Would fumigate a house that’s definitely impossible and then uh but if there can’t be any aliens well that all civilizations are destroyed before they become inter-stellar, you know.

You can basically cycle to Alpha Centauri in a few hundred thousand years, like there’s a trifle speed, so it’s kind of like you know in 100 million years that even at a very slow speed you can complete the galaxy. Kind of blanket can.

So why not where are they and I want to be clear like to the best of my knowledge, under that alien there is no evidence of alien life, no evidence and no evidence for alien life, for alien life There’s no direct evidence, you don’t know.

what about this alien you know to see or whatever i love it has to be at least as good as a 711 or atm cam ok it’s like someone has at least a level playing field like an iphone The camera is like some threshold that really matters.

we are passing the great filter did you say the great filter what do you mean honestly i think i would know if there are aliens i hope that’s why i’m not asking you Will be jumping as if they’re definitely subtle.

I mean if they wanted us to know clearly they could just make sure you know to show up and walk down the main street you know ok i’m a foreigner check me you know right uh He has my spaceship.

I just landed in the middle of square time we were fine we believe you yeah um so whatever they are they are very subtle very subtle there is aliens there is a great onion article lately.

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