Elon Musk plans to Sue Twitter employees who leaks confidential info and breaks NDAs

Elon Musk plans to sue Twitter employees who leaked confidential information and broke NDAs, the website’s CEO informed colleagues about the news in a message earlier this week.

Coverage of Elon Musk’s unregulated acquisition of Twitter has come to an abrupt halt after a recent update indicates the CEO is concerned about his team leaking sensitive material to the media. In response the South African is threatening to sue anyone who violates their contractual NDA, as reported by TMZ.

Platformer editor Zoe Schiffer was able to secure a copy of the engineer’s communications with Twitter personnel. Later, he posted direct quotes from it on his page.

She said, “He is asking members of staff to sign an undertaking saying that they understand.” In the discussion that followed, the reporter analyzed what he had read in the original document.

In the launch of his email, Elon Musk said, “As exhibited by the various nitty gritty breaks of secret Twitter data, a few workers of our firm keep on acting in a way that is against the interests of the organization and disregarding their NDAs.” is in infringement.

If you explicitly and willfully break the NDA you signed when you joined, you accept liability to the fullest extent of the law, and Twitter will immediately pursue damages, it’s only mentioned once .

The 51-year-old said “sometimes slip-ups are normal” and thanked his team for their message. However, if someone violates its promise by giving specific information to the media with malicious intent, the website will “get a befitting reply”.

According to Schiffer’s article, the deadline for responses from Twitter activists was 5 p.m. Today.

Musk has been distributing remarks that seem, by all accounts, to be applicable to recent developments. “Twitter is both a web-based diversion firm and a wrongdoing area,” he said Saturday night.

The investor posted a meme in a subsequent post. This surprisingly suggests that he may have discovered some of the programme’s “darkest secrets”, which has sparked much controversy online.

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