Elon Musk praises Kyrsten Sinema for leaving the Democratic Party

Elon Musk praises Sen. Kristen Sinema for leaving the Democratic Party I hope more of our elected leaders act independently Musk wrote on Twitter Sinema announced that he was now an independent and was now formally Some of her Democratic allies are bidding her good deed, but Sen. Kirsten Sinema has found at least one admirer in her decision to formally become an independent.

Just so happens he happens to be the richest man in the world. Good for @SenatorSinema,” Elon Musk wrote on Twitter. Sinema told POLITICO on Friday that his decision was rooted in the fact that he “never really Also not ready for any political party.

His decision is rooted more in apprehensions about a potential primary challenger than in any sort of political stance. Musk, who encouraged his followers to vote Republican ahead of the midterms, has tried to keep Twitter politically neutral while continuing his political journey. Musk praised the virtues of independent voters who are not registered with any particular political party, although he did not mention that in some states the decision may also reduce the number of races in which one can vote.

Arizona isn’t one of those alleged shut or somewhat shut essential states. Hardcore Democrats or Republicans never vote for the other party, so independent voters are the ones who really decide who is in charge, Musk wrote on Twitter. The Telsa President and new proprietor of Twitter has recently said he would uphold Florida Gov. Trump assuming conservatives choose to challenge Trump in 2024.

The Senate’s decision is expected to have little practical impact on Capitol Hill theaters. The now-former Arizona Democrat rarely attended party luncheons where lawmakers expressed their views on issues. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also said Sinema would continue his committee duties and the Democrats would retain their effective 51-49 majority Sens. Bernie Sanders and Angus Lord are additionally the two free movers who gathering with the liberals.

Sinema was a significant thistle in the party’s endeavors to increase government rates on rich Americans and pass a broad spending plan known as Work Back Better. He later voted for the much smaller Inflation Reduction Act. Outside of policy Sinema has been a reliable vote for top candidates of the Biden administration, including Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, yet some progressives celebrated his move.

Goodbye Felicia Representative Jamal Bowman of New York wrote on Twitter. It’s Not About That Party, It’s About Your Pharma Donors Arizona Democratic Party Chair Raquel Teran criticized Sinema because she has shown she answers to corporations and billionaires, not Arizonans to whom the state Democratic Party The executive board of the first denounced Sinema as a filibuster so that the party could pass voting rights legislation.

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