Elon Musk Praises ‘Monty Python’ Trans Debate Scene: ‘They Saw This Coming’

Elon Musk has praised the transgender debate scene in the classic 1979 film Monty Python Life of Brian, saying the comedy troupe saw it coming. The film tells the story of a Jewish Roman named Brian Cohen, played by Graham Chapman. The next day Jesus Christ is depicted at the door and is later mistaken for the Messiah.

In one scene, characters played by John Cleese (Reg), Michael Palin (Francis), Sue Jones-Davies (Judith Iscariot) and Eric Idle (Stan/Loretta) are seen talking conspiratorially in a Roman amphitheater. During a group conversation, Stan is questioned over the repeated insertion of female pronouns into the dialogue. After a long pause, Stan reveals that I want to be a woman.

It’s my right as a man, Stan insisted: I want to have children… It’s every man’s right to have children if he wants to. But you can’t have kids. Reg replies, prompting Stan to shoot back: “Don’t you oppress me.” I am not torturing you. Stan reg says, you don’t have a womb.

After Stan cries, Judith agrees to his idea. Assuming you agree that she really can’t have kids, not a pregnancy, which is nobody’s fault, not even Roman’s. ‘But she may have a right to have children. Good idea, says Judith Francis. We will fight the oppressors for your right to have children.

What’s the point of fighting for the right to have children when he can’t have children, asks Reg. It symbolizes our struggle against oppression, explains Francis, to which Reg responds: “It symbolizes their struggle against reality.

The scene was shared Tuesday night by a Twitter user who wrote: For anyone wondering why @elonmusk loves Monty Python. Just 40 years ahead of its time! Responding to the post, Musk tweeted: “They saw this coming in the 70s.

Earlier in December, Musk, who revealed he was stepping down as CEO of Twitter two months after buying the social media platform, took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci in a tweet he called an attack on transgender people. Told. told. I. Also seen as trauma.

The billionaire criticized the soon-to-retire chief medical adviser at the White House, tweeting: “My pronouns are professional/Fauci.” MSNBC executive producer Kyle Griffin said amid criticism of Musk’s apparent stance on Fauci’s advice during the pandemic that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s tweet was “discrediting the trans community.”

In July 2020, Musk freed himself up to kickback when he tweeted a dubious two-word assessment: “Pronouns suck. At the time, his comments received a huge backlash online, with his then-partner Grimes responding in a tweet Post-deleted after giving: “I love you but please turn off your phone or [call] me. I can’t support hate. Please stop it. I know it’s not your heart.”

Soon thereafter, Musk was by and by reprimanded for deriding individuals who put their pronouns in their online profiles. Explaining his position in the wake of getting further criticism, Musk composed on December 16, tweeted in 2020: “I completely support trans, however this multitude of pronouns are a bad dream.”

It was revealed earlier this year that one of Musk’s nine surviving children is transgender. She requested a new name and birth certificate through the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The girl is one of six children Musk had with his ex-wife Justine Wilson.

According to several reports, her legally known name is Vivian Jenna Wilson. She wrote in her application for a name change which was filed in April that her decision was made based on “gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or have a relationship with my biological father.” “Don’t want to belong, shape or form.”

In an October interview with the Monetary Times, Musk said his kid’s choice to separate himself was affected by “neo-communists” in instructive establishments. Musk said it was all about communism and a general feeling that if If you’re rich, you’re bad, though he didn’t specify which establishment he was referring to. Future, “I have great relationships with everyone.

In November, when he faced backlash for implementing a new $8-per-month fee for Twitter verification, Musk said he drew inspiration for the policy from a Monty Python sketch, sharing a clip of the scene.

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