Elon Musk predicted ‘World War 3’ in recently released SMS

Elon Musk’s SMS on World War 3 Soon He Announces Twitter Buyout Elon Musk reportedly said he is no longer interested in buying Twitter as he believes World War 3 is on the horizon for $44 billion Just two weeks after striking the deal, Elon Musk reportedly sent an SMS to his banker at Morgan Stanley asking him to stick to his plan to acquire Twitter.

Musk said in an SMS to Michael Grimes, head of global technology investment banking at Morgan Stanley. Putin’s speech yesterday is very important. If there is a third world war on the horizon, it would make no sense to buy Twitter.

Elon Musk has sent Twitter, which is run by Parag Agarwal, a third notice of his intention to cancel the $44 billion buyout agreement. Former security chief and whistleblower Peter “Madge” Zatko received a $1 million severance package from Twitter, according to a recent letter from Musk’s legal team filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The warning was sent to Twitter’s top legal officer, Vijaya Gadde. Per the notification, Twitter and Peter Zatko “agreed to a severance agreement effective June 28, 2022, pursuant to which Twitter will pay Zatko and his attorneys an aggregate of $7.75 million.”

This was another justification given by Musk’s lawyers for scrapping the deal. Twitter’s trial is set to begin on October 17, but the Tesla CEO is attempting to buy additional time from the judge by citing anticipated testimony from Zatko. A revised schedule set by Musk’s legal team would postpone the week-long trial until late November.

On September 13, Zatko is scheduled to appear before the US Congress on charges of microblogging service. According to Twitter’s former director of security, the company deceived authorities about its security procedures and the actual number of bot accounts.

As part of the ongoing legal dispute between Twitter and Musk, Zatko was also served a subpoena by Musk’s legal team, requiring him to make a statement on 9 September. $44 billion purchase agreement for microblogging service.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent a text message on May 8 to one of his bankers at Morgan Stanley that he was considering abandoning his plan to buy Twitter because of the possibility of World War III. , Are. The message comes two weeks after Musk committed to acquire Twitter for $44 billion.

Relax for a couple of days. Putin’s discourse yesterday is truly significant. It wouldn’t seem OK to purchase Twitter assuming that we will have Universal Conflict III,” Musk kept in touch with Michael Grimes, Morgan Stanley’s head of worldwide innovation speculation banking.

The next day, on 9 May, Russian President Vladimir Putin defended the Ukraine invasion in a speech. He claimed that Ukraine was necessary because the West was “preparing an invasion of our lands, including Crimea”, according to comments translated by Reuters. According to a report by Business Insider, in the text, Elon Musk has cited the upcoming speech of the Russian President.

According to multiple news reports, the text was read by Twitter attorney Bill Savitt during the court hearing. The entire text series is likely to appear in court next week. While Twitter called the Musk text “money quotations”, Musk’s attorney Alex Spiro said the characterization of the texts in court was “complete nonsense as the full text series shows.” “, says the report.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Spiro responded by saying that “any businessman would be concerned about the effect of a potential war on the stock market.” After the hearing, the judge denied Musk’s request to delay the Twitter trial by four weeks.

On May 8, two weeks after committing to buy Twitter for $44 billion, Elon Musk sent a message to one of his bankers, Morgan Stanley, that he was considering backing out of the merger deal because of the possibility of World War III.

We should only stoppage for a couple of days Musk kept in touch with Morgan Stanley’s head of worldwide innovation speculation banking. Putin’s discourse yesterday is truly significant. It has neither rhyme nor reason a few news reports said as Twitter lawyer Bill Savitt read the text at a trial yesterday. In a May 9 discourse, Russian President Vladimir Putin safeguarded his intrusion of Ukraine. Month The beginning was in February before Musk’s April 25 consent to purchase Twitter.

While Twitter called the Musk text money quotations, Musk’s attorney Alex Spiro said the characterization of the texts in court was complete nonsense as the full text series shows. Business Insider wrote the full text of the series is expected to be filed in court next week.

Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk argued that he had no right to opt out of the deal and sought an exit because “the value of Musk’s stake in Tesla, his personal wealth, is expected to exceed $100 billion by November 2021.” It is expected that Musk has agreed to terms favorable to the seller, including “no financing contingency and no due diligence conditions,” the lawsuit says.

The text from Musk to Grimes was read during a pre-trial hearing in the Delaware Court of Chancery in what appears to be a preview of the arguments to be made in the trial set to begin on October 17. Of more immediate importance, argued Musk and Twitter’s attorneys, Musk is requesting that the trial be delayed for a month and that the whistleblower’s allegations by Twitter’s former security chief be included in his countersuit. be amended.

Judge Kathleen McCormick settled both questions in a decision today, denying Musk’s request for a delay but allowing him to amend the countersuit.

Musk had argued that Twitter would not be harmed by a delay of at least four weeks because of the merger agreement’s “expiration date of October 24, 2022, automatic moratorium on initiation of litigation, and exclusion of debt financing”. The date is April 25, 2023. Musk previously lost an attempt to delay the trial until February 2023, and McCormick referred to his previous decision in today’s order that rejected Musk’s proposal for a delay until mid-November.

In keeping up with the case plan, I’m additionally console by the way that Twitter has addressed that it can deal with sensible solicitations for extra revelation while keeping up with the October 17 preliminary date,” McCormick likewise composed. McCormick decided that Musk could revise his reaction against Twitter to incorporate claims submitted in an informant question by previous Twitter security boss Peter Zatko.

McCormick wrote the newly published whistleblower complaint [the Court of Chancery] would in most cases be grounds to allow amendment under the low bar of Rule 15(a). Twitter argues that amendment would be futile, but their arguments are based on Rule 15(a ) falter against the overly trend-friendly standard of . I hesitate to say more after the trial the world will wait for the verdict.

Twitter argued that allowing Musk to amend his countersuit would be prejudicial to the extent that it would expand discovery and expand the case schedule, and Twitter’s arguments to that effect pale in comparison to Trump’s nonsensical arguments. The more powerful will fall,” McCormick continued.

Musk is in this manner “permitted just steady revelation applicable to new claims,” which “can be made through designated record search and negligible extra specialists and truth witnesses,” McCormick composed. Musk’s side asserted at the previous hearing that Twitter has been exceptionally delayed in giving data about the revelation.

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