Elon Musk responds after Baldwin calls him “a scumbag” on “The View”

Alec Baldwin shot to fame early last year after a horrific shooting incident in which he had a fake gun in his hand while he was filming a scene. One died in this, while the other was seriously injured.

Should Baldwin have fired the weapon without first checking it? Or perhaps the propmaster, whose sole duty is to control the prop, was at fault?

Everyone agrees on one simple fact: Alec Baldwin killed someone during the filming of the movie. Baldwin promoted his most recent film, John Wick 4, on The View last week, and his conversation with host Whoopi Goldberg went viral on Twitter and included Elon Musk. Baldwin then reveals his true feelings.

I’m sorry, but Elon Musk is your typical right wing scoundrel. He’s the kind of guy who tells you his poop smells good, then turns around and tries to sell it to you for $8. are you a douchebag, man? As Goldberg’s crowd began a wild show of support, Baldwin stood up and bowed.

Naturally, the muskets were in nowhere to provide any sort of protection. Another guest, artist Sandy Batt, who collaborates with Acorn, chatted casually in the green room while waiting for his turn. Oh, he really hit Elon Musk on the head, that badass. His aim is also good. Elon Musk buys ABC and ends the television program “The View”.

Alec Baldwin Called Elon Musk “Sucks” On “The View” Alec what’s your dilemma only my sanity now lives up to my presence on a social site know it’s run by internationally known bad guy Elon Musk do you think other billionaires who run big corporations are good people are or something not necessary .

But they are not publicly discredited as musk it’s already been played by the angels okay doris day let’s look at the other angle I need to find out how good this guy is The one who is a morally better actor, the right shoes are indicative of his two virtual qualities.

I wonder if I look different than these I won’t bring them Do you all have a solid mile on this side I’m a great one to call your good boys I know you guys but do you have it there’s a solid misconception about twitter direction sure .

I’ve had days we almost solved the mysteries of the universe we’re talking about right speech it will be censored as it is now that’s why you want censorship So what you said would be really interesting.

You have to pay you haven’t heard yet you have to pay a monthly fee to keep your blue check haven’t heard of any celebrity i agree this is ridiculous is it a target of 20 bucks a month but I think now you have eight dollars a month your blue check well tough .

I think I can afford it but that’s still being taken from about nine kids but that’s my biggest badge of honor That’s a small price to pay for a dad that any check mark can buy.

Basically they can get a blue check that’s paying them eight dollars a month it’s going to make Twitter more egalitarian it’s Elon’s way it means how people know how Twitter will work that you are a loser.

David Brooks and Thomas L. What is the difference between Friedman’s views? I think it is for the people to decide for themselves. My tweet has the same weight for Harry as it does for Tom Dick or Johnny Scrablong. comes.

He holds his mop long enough to ponder the affairs of the world and in doing so runs the risk of getting the words twice as wrong, because for once I dare to ask you that free speech Forum Whether you want it or not, every civilization needs it ruling class exclusively online.

I won’t give up to organize my crown I’ll buy all the check marks for sale and write my name on them I don’t care if it offends my bunch of pseudo-Hispanic kids it’s better It is for others to see with joy that this decision is being made by the better angels of your nature.

Alec I don’t know if my other celebrities are fully aware of this crisis I need to tell them right away A billionaire should once again call an emergency celebrity meeting in an underground bunker fame under a billionaire who Crorepati trying to make life less glamorous for many people.

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