Elon Musk Revealed Bill Gates’ New Plan .

Elon Musk has never been one to mince words and he was as blunt as ever when he reacted to Bill Gates’s latest move to harness the power of hydrogen, Bill Gates’ announcement of some great advances in science and technology .

Have been at the forefront, but this time Bill dropped the ball and Elon was quick to point out that Elon replied to a tweet.

Which mocked Bill Gates’ claim that climate change was laughed at. Can be solved using hydrogen energy with emoji.

Cheap clean hydrogen would be a huge breakthrough for which we have many uses. We would all be better off if we could change that together.

A Twitter user commented in response to the post that prompted Musk’s emoji reaction.

Elon expressed his doubts about the role of hydrogen in the planned transition. A More Sustainable Future Many times calling it possibly the dumbest thing to do for energy storage.

Elon was asked if he thinks hydrogen could help make the transition away from fossil fuels during an interview in Car’s Future Financials.

Aid Summit No He Answered I really can’t stress enough how many times I’ve been asked about hydrogen it could be more than a hundred times.

It’s important to understand that hydrogen is a poor choice if you want a means of storing energy, Elon also said that keeping hydrogen in liquid form would require large tanks.

Hydrogen fuel is produced by mixing the compound with oxygen in an environmentally friendly process that does not rely on carbon sources that has been on the market for many years.

It is used and is used to power internal combustion vehicles such as buses. Although passenger cars are on a smaller scale, hydrogen is a renewable resource.

It is quite volatile and highly flammable in the gaseous state according to critics. Because it is less dense than gasoline, it must be stored at lower temperatures to ensure its effectiveness.

To be compressed and stored. The conversion of hydrogen into electricity is a process that requires the separation of hydrogen from oxygen.

Requires an energy-intensive effort that requires the use of fossil fuels. Expensive and inefficient, whether renewable or not, argue many critics.

The hydrogen industry is a way for oil and gas companies to delay the adoption of highly renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, while providing them with green cover.

Still maintaining demand for its products Elon has a long history of giving strong opinions on hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells .

The electric vehicle mogul described him as a fool. In June 2020, he called the fuel cell the fuel cell equivalent and t. Hydrogen fuel cells don’t make sense according to his most recent comments he tweeted in July’s hat year.

He’s still very skeptical about hydrogen, it doesn’t occur naturally on Earth, so you wouldn’t need water with electrolysis or crack hydrocarbons.

There is disinvestment, he explained the financial times when you were breaking down hydrocarbons. You haven’t really solved the problem of fossil fuels and the efficiency of electrolysis is war because hydrogen atoms don’t exist on their own.

They are almost always attached to another atom. Often another element hydrogen is particularly abundant on Earth in the form of water or H2O.

It is necessary to break those ocular bonds to produce pure hydrogen and energy. Industry hydrogen is referred to by various colors.

The euphemism for how it was created is through electrolysis which involves passing electricity through a substance to split H2O into hydrogen and oxygen in this case when electrolysis powers it.

The energy used comes from renewable sources such as wind water. or solar. This is known as green hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is hydrogen produced from natural gas using a steam methane reformation process.

In which natural gas is combined with super hot steam over a catalyst, a chemical reaction that results in hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

when water is mixed. The carbon monoxide in the mixture converts to carbon dioxide and more hydrogen is formed when there is carbon dioxide.

The emissions are then captured and stored underground, the hydrogen produced is considered carbon neutral and is called blue hydrogen, although blue hydrogen is flawed.

Natural gas production essentially results in methane emissions from runaway leaks that are methane leaks from drilling. extraction and transportation. , Process methane does not last as long as carbon in the atmosphere

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