Elon Musk says Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes them angry

Elon Musk says people are sad on Instagram and he gets angry on Twitter.

On Sunday, the Twitter CEO asked his followers which platform is better.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk says Instagram hurts people and makes them feel sorry.

On Sunday, Musk asked his Twitter followers which platform was better, tweeting: “Coordinates bug people and Twitter people make mistakes which one is better?”

A Twitter account answered that Twitter doesn’t drive them mad yet makes them giggle.

Musk answered that he chuckles a ton on Twitter.

Musk is first objecting to Instagram.

Showing up on the Way Blended Significance web recording in 2018, Musk said that one issue with virtual entertainment is that “individuals seem as though they have a greatly improved life than they really are.”

Musk said on the podcast that Instagrammers can become “really better looking and happier looking” than they do every year.

He said seeing attractive and happy people on social media can lead people to think, “I don’t look that good and I’m not that happy. That’s why I must be smoking.”

Agents for Musk didn’t promptly answer Insider’s solicitation for additional remark.

Musk, who earned $ 44 billion from Twitter last year, is also wondering who should use social media.

Answering a Twitter client who shared a recent report by the Study Community on American Life that found individuals’ groups of friends have developed throughout the course of recent many years, Musk said: “Americans are bound to share via virtual entertainment.” Showing less time for…?”

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