Elon Musk says Twitter will ban unlabeled farce accounts.

Controversy continues over Elon Musk’s plans to benefit people from Twitter blue ticks and he has now announced plans to halt policy changes that are threatening permanent bans for users engaging in impersonation at our Technical Center in Glasgow Zoe is our Technical Editor.

Elon Musk was trying to liven up in 10 days he took over on twitter a week ago on friday and we actually saw a pretty dramatic change since he talked about introducing a fee for blue ticks That’s the verification badge that now says it’s in the U.S. tomorrow. It’s going to be delayed until after the midterms and it’s now even considering banning people who are doing it without knowing they’re doing it.

Interestingly, it has largely focused on people who appear to be impersonating him. They have suspended many accounts of people, some very famous such as American comedian Kathy Griffin who changed his name and photo to Elon Musk. Have taken don’t have too much mercy he said we used to warn people when we were going to suspend them for this reason now we don’t have immediate ban.

Our Twitter really uses the platform we do Many people are in danger of losing it After a little testing in the newsroom with one of Masterton’s new platforms it’s a little hard to turn your head but a lot of people are ready to try do you think a lot of users are going to switch to other platforms now i think there is a real panic here about whats going to happen next i think people with social media get annoyed with the change go.

His massive footfall you can expect to see because really they are comfortable with their network they know what they are doing as you said mastodon which is currently the main one to emerge as a contender Joining the latter as an alternative to Twitter is a very different experience.

It looks like twitter but under the bonnet it works very differently and it’s confusing people and it wasn’t really made that big and suddenly it’s a sack hundreds of thousands of people were porting and involved Were trying to be breaking down really fast and it gives you a way to appreciate the big technology about the ease of connecting to a central platform that is well maintained and works well .

Works exactly when you want to. Don’t assume that people are coming to them with these smaller and more in-house options, indicating it’s a sluggish business, we’ve definitely seen advertisers Have seen them reduce their advertising spend with Twitter especially some car firms which is really interesting because Elon Musk definitely owns Tesla.

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