Elon Musk says Twitter’s ad revenue is down 50% and cash flow is negative

Elon Musk revealed on Twitter on Saturday that the platform still has negative cash flow due to a 50% drop in advertising revenue and a “huge debt load.” The billionaire proprietor tweeted on Saturday because of a supporter’s business counsel. We want to arrive at positive income before we can manage the cost of the advantage of anything more.”

The tweet is a stark contrast to his tone in April, when Musk told the BBC that the platform was now “nearly loss-making” and that most of its advertisers had pulled out. The site has been fighting an uphill battle since advertisers were turned away.

Advertisers were concerned about content moderation, mass layoffs and general uncertainty about Twitter’s future Linda Yacarino, a former marketing executive at NBCUniversal who recently took over from Musk as CEO — potentially bringing him back Betting on your advertising experience.

The New York Times, refering to an inside show, revealed that Twitter’s US promoting income was down 59% year-over-year during the five weeks from April 1 to the primary seven day stretch of May. (CNN has not seen the show) As of April, a month prior to Musk’s obtaining, just 43% of Twitter’s main 1,000 sponsors were promoting on the stage, as indicated by information gave to CNN by market knowledge firm Sensor Pinnacle a month ago.

“It’s definitely going to be tough,” Musk said last month on the Twitter Spaces livestream event with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “Basically, our revenue is cut in half because we didn’t toe the line.” He added that “it’s been a big struggle for Twitter to get here”. After its rival app, Meta Threads, crossed 100 million downloads in less than a week after its launch, the pressure on Twitter has mounted.

Musk has added a variety of cost-cutting or cash-grabbing measures to the site, ranging from giving blue checkmarks for Twitter subscriptions to placing TweetDeck behind a paywall. On Thursday, Twitter announced that content creators would be part of the site. Will be able to receive a share of advertising revenue, thereby encouraging more creators to join the site.

To be qualified, makers should have Twitter Blue and every one of their posts probably had no less than 5 million impressions throughout recent months. Among makers who are presently bringing in cash from Twitter: Andrew Tate, self-declared “lady”. “Derisive” online powerhouse who was sentenced in Romania on charges of illegal exploitation, assault and setting up a group of thugs.

Twitter remains income negative because of an almost half drop in publicizing income and a weighty obligation trouble, Elon Musk said on Saturday, lower than his assumption in Spring that Twitter could arrive at income positive by June Musk “We want to arrive at positive income before we can have the advantage of anything more,” he said in a tweet answering ideas on recapitalization.

It’s the latest sign that aggressive cost-cutting measures alone haven’t been enough to make Twitter cash flow positive since Musk acquired Twitter in October, and it suggests Twitter’s ad revenue may not be growing as fast.

found, as Musk proposed in a meeting in April. The BBC said most publicists have gotten back to the site.

Subsequent to laying off a huge number of representatives and cutting cloud administration charges, Musk said the organization has sliced its non-obligation costs to $1.5 billion of every 2023 from an expected $4.5 billion. Twitter likewise faces yearly interest installments of roughly $1.5 billion because of the obligation. It hammered out a $44 billion agreement that took the organization private.

It isn’t clear what time span Musk was alluding to according to the half drop in promoting income. He has said that Twitter is on target to create $3 billion in income in 2023, down from $5.1 billion of every 2021. Twitter has been reprimanded for careless control of content, bringing about a mass migration of numerous sponsors who don’t believed their promotions should show up close to unseemly substance.

Musk’s recruiting of Linda Yacarino, previous publicizing top of Comcast’s NBCUniversal, as President flags that promotion deals are vital for Twitter, even as it attempts to increment membership income. started work and advised financial backers that Twitter intends to zero in on record, maker and business associations and is in early discussions with political and amusement figures, installment administrations, and news and media distributers.

On Thursday, Twitter said select substance designers would be qualified to get a portion of the promoting income procured by the organization with an end goal to draw in additional substance designers to the site.

As per Elon Musk, Twitter is as yet spending more cash than it is procuring. In the early long stretches of Saturday morning, the tycoon tweeted that the organization was experiencing a continuous negative income issue because of a very nearly 50% drop in publicizing income and a gigantic obligation trouble. “We want to arrive at positive income before we can have the advantage of anything more,” Musk said.

The approval comes the same week that Twitter’s advertising-revenue sharing program began paying some creators, including some far-right influencers. On Friday, Musk also claimed that the social network could see a “second all-time high of device user usage” sometime this week. He also previously said that almost all of the advertisers who left the platform after the October acquisition “have either come back” or “said they will come back.”

Ad spending fell 89 percent to $7.6 million during the two-month period earlier this year, according to an estimate shared with Bloomberg by research firm Sensor Tower. As indicated by Reuters, Twitter has yearly interest installments of about $1.5 billion because of obligation that the organization took on when Musk took it private for $44 billion. It’s the latest sign that the aggressive cost-cutting measures Musk has taken over the past year haven’t been enough to put the company on solid financial footing. It also suggests that the company’s newly appointed CEO, Linda Yacarino, has her work cut out for her as she works to rebuild Twitter’s advertising base.

Twitter owner and CTO Elon Musk said Saturday morning that the social media company remains cash flow negative after a nearly 50% drop in advertising revenue along with “enormous debt”.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX acquired Twitter last year for $44 billion, which also included about $13 billion in debt. In recent times, Twitter has started giving away a portion of its advertising revenue to select content creators on its platform.

Tesla and SpaceX President Elon Musk, who is likewise CTO and chief director of Twitter, said Saturday morning that the virtual entertainment organization remains income negative because of “huge obligation” as well as an almost half drop in publicizing income.

“We want to arrive at positive income before we can have the advantage of anything more,” Musk wrote because of a tweet.

Musk had obtained Twitter in October last year in an arrangement worth about $44 billion, remembering about $13 billion for obligation. To finish that arrangement, he sold billions of dollars worth of his Tesla shares.

By January, hundreds of advertisers had cut their ad spend on Twitter in response to Musk drastically cutting the workforce at the company and implementing changes to the platform, notably reestablishing recently prohibited accounts and changing its way to deal with content control.

In April, Musk told a BBC reporter that “almost all” advertisers have resumed buying ads on Twitter. He also claimed at the time that the company was “nearly loss-making” and expected to be cash flow positive in the next quarter.

His statement today about Twitter’s cash flow problems comes a little more than a month after Linda Yacarino, who previously ran global advertising for Comcast’s NBCUniversal, took over the role of Twitter CEO. NBCUniversal is the parent organization of CNBC.

Yacarino’s arrangement has raised trusts among media industry insiders that Twitter will address the quick difficulties of its promoting business.

Lately, Twitter has begun offering a piece of its publicizing income to choose content makers on its foundation. Musk’s remarks were made because of adherents who needed to know why the income sharing system was so restricted in scope.

A few generally followed accounts on Twitter posted that they are disheartened that they are not yet qualified to procure pay from the program. As The Edge recently detailed, the income sharing system was simply accessible to clients who paid for a Twitter Blue Confirmed participation, and the sum paid was “driven by promotions set in answers to tweets.”

Powerhouse Andrew Tate – who upholds misanthropic perspectives on the web, and is confronting preliminary in Romania for assaulting, illegal exploitation and making a lawbreaker ring to physically take advantage of ladies – posted that Twitter offered him $20,000 Offered and paid more than Rs. Tate has sued individuals who made these claims.

Fans and promoters of Tesla stock and products, as well as several right-wing influencers, also posted about receiving Twitter payments, including Omar Kaji (who uses the handle “@WoleMarsBlog” on Twitter) and Sawyer Merritt , each of which posted its earnings over $5,000.

Standard and other powerhouses who shared insights concerning their Twitter profit incorporate Brian and Ed Krassenstein, Mr. Monster, and the record @interneth0f (which represents the Web Corridor of Notoriety). The Web Corridor of Distinction posts and retweets screen captures of others’ well known posts from virtual entertainment.

It’s hazy how much Twitter paid makers altogether in this first round of installments. Twitter sent a robotized answer with a muddled image because of CNBC’s solicitation for input on Saturday. Twitter’s parent organization, X Corp, is confronting different claims from previous representatives and merchants over default of bills and severance pay.


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