Elon Musk Shocked That “Aliens Are Threatening His Family”

Elon Musk finally breaks silence about aliens, why are they so close we’re touching on the topic of aliens and how Elon Musk is involved, what discovery of the mask surprised aliens.

We’ll answer these questions and find out the latest news by pointing out what Elon Musk isn’t talking about and what his Twitter messages are.

About What Discovery Elon Musk Scared Aliens So we’ll probably start with Elon Musk’s opening statements about the existence of aliens. In one of the forums to be held in Russia in 2021, Elon Musk did not dismiss the fact of the existence of aliens.

American billionaire and inventor Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk spoke by a video link a t Russian educational marathon New Knowledge They didn’t deny the existence of extraterrestrial life.

But clarified that no one has seen it yet as far as we know we are the only life that exists Elon Musk quote Maybe another but we have.

Haven’t seen any signs of this, yet the closest system to us is four light years away, it needs to be explored in a different way, the most efficient way to do this is to use antimatter as well as the collapse of the matter they say Is.

Then it would be possible to get out of the solar system The inventor believes that in the future rockets will remain the only vehicle that does not use electricity for movement, all transportation will be apparently electric ships say cars planes.

Elon Musk the only exception would be rockets. Apart from all cars with autopilot, the entrepreneur is sure and in the future cars with internal combustion engines will be as archaic as steam engines have become today.

According to him the aircraft would be the last to switch to electric motors since manufacturing suitable batteries for them would take some time. A few years ago Elon Musk was quite skeptical about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaliens’ existence.

He assumed that aliens might exist but said we haven’t seen any signs of alien life yet. But recently the entrepreneur changed his mind and told that what he thinks about aliens is now worth listening to.

Today you will find out what Elon Musk really said about aliens This issue contains all the best incredible amazing unusual interesting and informative facts about Elon Musk and aliens.

From the unusual mysteries of the pyramids to the incredible possibilities of extraterrestrial life not knowing about, Elon Musk even gave his opinion about Zone 51 if you remember it was in 2019 that American citizens were going to take the base by storm. Were were

Sure that experiments on aliens were being conducted there, Elon called all these stories a joke and was skeptical about the statements about the attack and not so long ago Musk published a graph.

On this graph in his opinion completely refutes the existence of aliens, you can track that the quality of photographs of extraterrestrial civilizations, despite the noticeable progress and the quality of photography, remains at an equally low level.

But at the time some people supported Elon Musk’s statement, there were also some who mocked the billionaire and showed him a bunch of evidence that he was wrong but Musk did not deny the opinion and one day he often took to Twitter. Started mentioning this phrase.

I’m an alien and later on various interviews or speeches I’m an alien I guessed and in April 2021 to the question are you an alien Elon answered the obvious.

Musk later explained why he called himself Elon Musk, a foreign entrepreneur, in the Russian Marathon. New knowledge explained why he calls himself an alien and an alien from the future during the stage.

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