Elon Musk Shocks The World By Exposing Political Scandals

Elon Musk Shocks The World By Exposing Political Scandals Biden organized this EV summit Tesla was not invited Former President Obama was a favorite of Democrats and left-leaning media as he was consistently praised for his flawless administration But those who look deeper find scandals and broken promises Let’s find out what plagued his administration and Elon Musk wasted no time in bringing it to light.

It’s time to figure out what these scandals are and why the media ignored them for years We’re probably the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal The White House where in Obama’s own words as President Obama Many describe his time and his supporters praise his administration as always scandal-free in comparison to those before and after him, but this could not be further from the truth.

According to author Alex Newman, who has written on corruption within the Obama administration, the 44th President of the United States made it to the top 10 list of most corrupt politicians because of a series of scandals and broken promises that cost him his fortune. Given the full-time occupation the White House makes it a priority to over-protect its senior officials from any criticism and abuse of the US Constitution, and Donald Trump agrees. Trump has come forward many times in the past to criticize the Obama administration as the most corrupt in history.

He quietly dismissed a host of issues such as the IRS scandal and state security as well as other high-profile scandals such as Hillary Clinton’s. Worse, Trump even responded to podcast host Dan Benningo’s tweet when he wrote that Obama was Ideologically the most corrupt president in American history, while there were many who had some questionable behavior, Hillary Clinton tops the list with her illegal use of a private server to keep it highly confidential. And confidential correspondence from people and many agencies and officials as it was pasted on the front page of every news outlet.

Her reaction later when she fled home to safety in danger, even though her actions resulted in the death of soldiers, she showed zero remorse and confidently lied about what happened, all but atone for her many crimes. . Instead of going to jail, she later ran for president against Donald Trump with Obama’s full support and tried to sell American stories of her stellar performance in office, while many accused Trump of creating a Biden administration .

In being blamed for failing to do so, they conveniently forget that Hillary Clinton actually took action against Trump when she first became president. Her camp produced the infamous Steele dossier, which claimed False claims that Trump was using US rival Russia, tantamount to treason, but instead of shaming Hillary for her actions, corrupt her.

He was guarded by FBI officers and other top politicians, who believed he still had A. The presidency has been targeted and the funny thing is that fewer people have been jailed, from the Obama administration to Biden’s White House, the companies that always get the most attention when Democrats are in power in Washington. Control levers, always the biggest winners Wind and solar companies Obama promised to invest $800 billion in several green energy initiatives during his time in office.

As Biden lauds policies as seen in the news and when investments turn into embarrassing failures, taxpayers are left in tatters. If you are one of those people who enjoy listening to news, remember the coriander disaster of 2015. The issues surrounding the Obama administration completely ignored it, and in case you don’t remember, we’re about to remind you of its peak.

Cilantro was a highly publicized solar company that raised over a billion dollars from private investors and was backed by the government. The Department of Energy later provided a $535 million loan for solar panel manufacturing despite objections from a federal budget analysis, but Obama and Nice had to cut photo ops when it was seen, due to their passion for green energy and the industry. Fell speech about. And when the bubble burst and the company went bankrupt, Americans lost their jobs for taxpayers.

The bill had yet to be taken up and a White House spokesman insisted that while the Crescent Dunes disaster was yet another failure in the public mind, in fact the company was still embroiled in a messy legal drama to make up for all the damage. Who should pay? The solar power plant was once given a $700 million loan by the Obama administration, and despite the Department of Energy’s continued praise for the company’s achievements, they blamed it for gross mismanagement. You would think that company executives would be clueless about the way the money is being spent.

When Crescent Dunes was knocking on the treasury’s door again, offering them a cash grant. According to the magazine, $275 million was received in the US and an additional $250 million in private capital, which was again lost. These fake green energy plans were used by the government to funnel billions of dollars to wealthy politicians and Obama supporters, who later returned some of the cash to the administration in the form of campaign contributions. Can you imagine that 75 percent of the more than $20 billion handed out to Obama supporters to date has been held without question, according to Department of Energy figures.

Inflation is still at a high level owing to a possible slowdown. President Biden is probably the most hated president at the moment even his staunchest supporters have to admit that his performance in the last two years has not been the best Do you not agree with the speech the President made on the effects of corruption considered and promised to fight it as a major US national security threat. But these policies haven’t been taken very seriously since Vice President Biden.

With allegations of corruption mostly his family’s financial dealings with China and cooperation with corrupt nations like UAW and as a person who hates corruption and illegal behavior in government Elon Musk many times in stopping his reckless administration and corrupt behavior have failed. As he promised when Joe Biden was leading US policy on Ukraine, Biden’s son Hunter Biden joined the board of Brisma, a Ukrainian gas company and was the subject of multiple allegations of corruption, even though he was never Was not convicted for any appointments.

Treated largely because he had no experience in your brain or gas field and that his actions could undermine his father’s agenda, but the Obama White House and Biden dismissed any complaints, saying that Hunter was a private citizen, later revealed by Biden himself. Reject any allegations. His son said that he never spoke to him about his foreign deals and that there was no evidence of corruption against any of them.

Hunter paid around $3.5 million for Burma to attend some conferences here and expand his ties with Ukrainian. Government. As his son was expanding his operations in Ukraine, Biden persuaded the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shulkin, who hacked Hunter Biden’s laptop, costing the country $1 billion in aid. Got it. Burma’s activities were scrutinized after the details came to light.

It was at a repair shop in Delaware that we were shocked to learn that Ukraine wasn’t the only country he was dealing with, he also had a deal involving the Bank of China and China’s largest energy company, CFC China Energy $10 million-a-year deal with eighty-thousand-dollar diamonds to expand China’s influence, US report reveals company paid $4.8 billion to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and what do you think Is that what happened after Hunter? The reports did not turn a blind eye.

The mainstream media turned a blind eye for the most part and President Biden claimed he asked his son for his business dealings overseas like no one else would believe him, and even after he left the White House, Hunter His shady dealings reached every corner of the internet. And the Biden family will continue to benefit from the relationships Biden has built over years of public service without consequence.


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