Elon Musk slams idea of “world government” at World Government Summit

Elon Musk isn’t perfect and many of his decisions deserve criticism, however, if there’s one thing no one can really complain about when it comes to CEOs, it’s the fact that Musk never shies away from speaking his mind.

That’s exactly what happened when Musk addressed the audience at the World Government Summit (WGS). The WGS is a high-profile event where leaders are expected to exchange views and perspectives on important issues of the day. The event is attended by thousands of leaders including 250 ministers and heads of 80 international, regional and governmental organizations.

During his virtual segment, Musk took it upon himself to explain that humanity should be concerned about becoming too much of a one world government. “I know it’s called the World Government Summit, but I think we should be a little worried about becoming too much of a world government. If I were to say, we frankly — it sounds a little weird, we A civilizational risk is going to be too much cooperation between governments,” Musk said.

The Tesla Chief saw the incongruity as would be natural for him, taking into account the name of the occasion. However, Musk explained that if one looks at the rise and fall of civilizations, most of humanity’s survival can be attributed to other civilizations while one civilization was in decline.

That doesn’t suggest that humanity generally is doomed considering the way that this enormous number of different civilizations have voyaged all over” Gone” Colossal ranges discrete,” Musk said.

Musk said a good example of this would be the fall of the Roman Empire, which happened around the same time Islam was gaining momentum. Thanks to this, Musk said, a lot of knowledge and scientific progress was preserved. With this in mind, Musk said that Civilization Diversity would be the way to go.

Musk supported his stance on Twitter, saying in response to a video of his talk that WGS “seemed like the right place” to “share my thoughts.”

While Musk’s words typically draw highly polarizing reactions online, his comments about the dangers of a one-world government were applauded by many. On Twitter alone, many users applauded the CEO’s stance, partly because it’s a sensible sentiment and partly because Musk shared his thoughts on an event that directly refers to world government.

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