Elon Musk Strikes Again: HBO Fires ‘Toxic’ Kathy Griffin After His Intervention

Questionable humorous ending sparks a discussion across media outlets on power and responsibility. In a move that has left many individuals scratching their heads, HBO purportedly uncovered comic Kathy Griffin got a call from extremely rich man tech tycoon Elon Musk.

As indicated by sources near the matter, Musk was worried by the manner in which Griffin was acting and urged HBO pioneers to make a stride. Griffin, a notable figure in the world of satire, has long been known for his controversial and often contemptuous work.

In any case, it appears that his search has finally found him. In an announcement, HBO referred to Griffin’s “toxic” conduct as justification for his termination. The company didn’t elaborate on the situation, but sources say Griffin’s new online entertainment movement could be an influence.

Griffin, who has previously been an outspoken pundit of Musk and his organizations, took to Twitter to express his shock .

It is a distinction to convey. There’s compelling reason need to zero in on oversight, it’s about risk. “The latest insights about Griffin’s termination have ignited a heated discussion on the web, with many examining the role that strongmen like Musk should shield media outlets.

Some have faulted her for taking advantage of quieter voices with whom they disagree, while others have applauded her for standing firm against what they see as an unsafe way to behave.

With respect to Griffin, it is not yet clear what his best course of action would be. In any case, there’s no doubt about one thing: The debate surrounding its takeoff from HBO probably isn’t going to subside any point in the near future.

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