Elon Musk talks about moon landing.

Elon Musk told about landing on the moon that we went to the moon not just once but many times and I think the Russians would have called us on that if it was not true then you know that humanity is landing on the moon Which was probably the biggest thing, maybe the biggest thing ever. It’s really hard to believe that this is an incredible history that is a feat.

Most prominent scientists and astronomers agree with Musk that the Apollo team’s landing on the Moon in 1969 was humanity’s greatest achievement ever, when Elon Musk, the man who single-handedly built the world’s most successful commercial space company on the Moon was talking about landing.

We need to focus a little on why Musk’s landing on the Moon sounds like a huge victory for us. We want to find out. I think there’s a value that shouldn’t be discredited for people who want to experience going to orbit or going to the moon and you know we all go with them when they do to some degree.

It’s humanity’s greatest achievement, maybe ever it’s like landing on them, you know look at the apollo program and send people to the moon 69 and it was no big deal for humanity who some of the greatest things in the world Believe if the world becomes one.

We’ve only been to the moon once and I think the Russians would have called us on that if it wasn’t true that at least one of these Russians didn’t like us at the time, so it’s not a big fan of them.

We’re looking at us through binoculars and it’s real like you know a huge ideological victory for the United States and the Western nation, but still, we want an exciting inspiring future and a place where we can go to space. Can you Huh. Civilizations and multi-planetary species are going to expand.

This is a far more exciting and inspiring future than one where we are forever confined and never go back to the Moon and the Moon was our high water sign and we have yet to see the hopeless humanity landing on the Moon. Which was probably the biggest thing ever.

We first sent people to the moon in 1969. We haven’t sent a bunch of others yet. After this, why is the US space agency NASA not sending more people to the moon.

If we look at the progress made in space in 1969, in 1969 we were able to send someone to the moon, then we had the spacecraft, the spacecraft could only take people down into the earth’s orbit, then the spacecraft was retired . The United States was and could be.

This trend in Australia is nothing if you are not at fault and when they think technology improves on its own it doesn’t improve when a lot of people work hard to make it better.

We are 49 years after the last mission to the Moon and it is almost half a century and we are not back. This is worrisome. We are on the verge of being a civilization. We have to go back to the moon and base there. You know, a science base. We can learn a lot about the nature of the universe if we have a proper science base on the Moon.

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