Elon Musk tells about God and religion.

Elon Musk does not subscribe to any faith, he never shy away from sharing his views on religion and God, to be precise is tech billionaire agnostic, which simply means.

He believes in science and proof. We trace Elon’s ideas. It is surprising on religion and God although the richest man in the irreligious world agrees with some religious teachings.

Whereas in an interview with a conservative Christian channel, Musk candidly highlighted some religious principles he appreciates. advocated and that you know that there is some great wisdom in the teachings of Jesus.

I agree with those teachings and things like tone the other cheek is very important because the opposite of an eye for an eye is an eye for an eye one eye blinds all so sorry you know is important.

Treating people the way you would like you to treat my dear neighbor as me. it’s like 60 70 yeah yeah like einstein would say i believe in spinoza’s god but hey if um you know if jesus is saving people i mean.

I would not stand in his way if there is any question that has troubled the religious world. It is a question of the origin and life of man, how we found ourselves on this planet, even the different religions of life. Your understanding of Genesis.

Similarly the tech icon has his own opinion that he deserves to be Elon. The idea of ​​the beginning of life is not only interesting, but also mind-boggling, while in an interview at a conference, Musk suggested that we may be the result of computer simulations, The audience was shocked.

He took his time to back up his claims. So what is life to you is it a dream that his life is a million d what is life to Elon Musk I guess as I get older.

This question is probably going to be more and more confusing or troubling or uncertain, I find especially when you look at the advancement of something like e video games that you know as 40 years ago you had video games.

the most advanced video game would be like pong where you like two rectangles and a point you like to bat it back and forth i played it oh yeah like i even date you a little bit exactly the same way but yeah we Both have played the same game.

It was like wow which was a very fun game at that time but now you can see a video game that is photorealistic almost realistic and millions of people playing together and and you see things are going with virtual reality and augmented reality Where are you going together?

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