Elon Musk tells Tucker this trajectory is ‘depressing as hell’

Twitter Chief Elon Musk shares his contemplations on ‘Exhaust Carlson This evening’ on whether outsiders exist and why he’s worried about the declining rate of birth.

Elon Musk is in talks with Tucker Carlson about teaming up with Tucker Carlson Elon Musk is in talks with Fox News about a possible joint effort, according to another report from Axios. Are. US The news came after Fox unexpectedly pulled Carlson behind closed doors despite appearing on the most popular news show in the U.S.

Axios wrote about Sunday, “Axios has discovered that Carlson and Elon Musk examined collaboration, however didn’t explore the focal points.”

Musk was evaluated on Carlson’s show in mid-April, where the two really liked each other. Musk, who became Twitter chief after buying the company in October 2022, defended Carlson going on the show after researching the host’s abuses.

Carlson was taken off the air at Fox, but the agreement still remains in place for another year. It is believed that Carlson’s representatives are planning the host’s traditional exit from the Link organization, but there is boundless speculation that Fox will dial back the cycle to prevent Carlson from signing a deal with a rival organization. Carlson is believed to make $20 million a year from Fox News, which is a huge amount without working.

On April 26, two days after the brawl, Carlsen posted a two-minute video on Twitter, but did not specify the link host’s arrangement for what was in store. The video has been viewed more than 24 lakh times.

Both ideological groups and their contributors have reached an agreement on what benefits them, and they effectively conspire to shut down any discussion about it. Elsewhere, America appears to be a one-party state. It’s a disappointing tilt, yet it’s not very sustainable,” Carlson said.

So Elon Musk has spent a lot of his life thinking about space and he has the biggest rocket company in the world, so we asked him if you’ve ever seen anything out there that suggests alien life, and So how do you think life is going on this planet?

Elon Musk is one of those rare voices who warns about low birth rates while personally doing something about it. He thinks that other people should too. Here’s part of the conversation. People take the fact that conscious as we are here on earth and he is there, it’s just a normal thing that happens to the best of my knowledge, somewhere in the universe. There is also no evidence of living life.

Physics stated the first contradiction when RICO’s primary physicist also asked where the aliens were. Many people ask me where the aliens are. I think if anyone on Earth knows about aliens, it’s probably me. I’m very familiar with space stuff and haven’t seen any evidence of aliens. So I’ll do it right away, you tweet this and in a fraction of a second what’s probably going to be the top tweet ever.

The guy hits the jackpot. Eight billion likes, you know. Next level treasure if you find aliens. Like I don’t think they’re looking down on us — you know it was common I think in the ’60s, to show us aliens, like arias etc. And you said, like, we hear ‘we’ we’re constantly trying to increase the defense budget and you know nobody’s really going to argue with that?

We spot an alien and say we need money to protect ourselves from these people. How much money do you want? you got this. They look dangerous. So the fastest way to increase the defense budget would be to kick out a foreign one. Yes. There could be an attack, they could come at any moment, who knows? That’s why I step back. Tucker: But you were saying that our consciousness makes us unique in the universe as far as we know.

We are unique I’m saying to the best of my knowledge there’s no evidence for other sentient life Tucker hope there is and I hope they’re apparently peaceful there are two innate characteristics but I’m just saying That we haven’t seen anything yet. Tucker: But it seems you’re taking our existence here for granted Tucker: there are dangers.

I think we should not assume that civilization is strong and if you look at the history of civilizations, the rise and fall of ancient Egyptians, ancient SA Marianes, Rome there have been rise and fall of many civilizations around the world then there is a The arc is, it’s like a life cycle arc for civilizations, just like it is for individual humans.

Why am I worried about the falling birth rate and the fact that last year in Japan, for example, there were twice as many deaths as births? So it is and they are a major indicator Tucker: Can I say and you’ve written and talked about this a lot but can I ask you to stop for a parenthetical note? why so? I mean the desire to have sex and to move around is the most basic desire to breathe and eat. Tucker: How has it changed.

In the past we could rely on the simple limerick system to deliver leads. But once you have birth control and abortion and what not, you can still satisfy instincts but not proportionately. What worries me is that hey, civilization, if we don’t create enough people to maintain our numbers, maybe even increase a little bit, then civilization is going to collapse. Like the age-old question, will civilization end with a bang or a whimper.

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