Elon Musk: “This Is How Tesla Will Be On Top For 100 Years!!”:

Elon Musk has finally made Tesla durable enough to stay on top for the next 100 years but we reveal the reasons why Tesla is on top of the electric car industry despite the enormous amount of work it takes to keep Tesla on top The leader in leadership and it will be for the next 100 years is Tesla stock, no matter how you feel about it.

Tesla stock has been on the rise since 2010 and shares have gained over twenty thousand percent since then. Tesla now easily outperforms the entire industry. Not only have they made early investors billionaires, but Tesla’s share price has soared over the past year. It recently sold 12 million shares of its company for $12.7 billion in a controversial move to Twitter. After Kasturi added the word bitcoin to his Twitter bio in January 2021, most of Kasturi’s tweets never fail to shake the balance of the crypto market.

The coin turned into the 10th rated digital coin in terms of market capitalization Reached a new high in a single day Market cap growth since joining Twitter They raised huge amounts of capital for Tesla according to volatility and Musk’s investment Elon Musk has written 19 000 posts which is an average of six per day in the pack with more than 100 million Twitter followers lead he tweets absolutely all night working hours and he has the ability to completely change the content of his posts Responds to 80 percent of comments as a result.

In the markets, he is considered the king of Twitter, who has mastered marketing. Musk fired Tesla employees. Musk fired a total of 10,000 people from Tesla, which is a huge number. A total of one million people are employed by Tesla worldwide and 10 percent of them have been laid off, while this may seem like a monstrous task. Kasturi always has his reasons no matter how long you have worked with him, if you are not productive you will be fired.

It is clear that he focuses more on success than employee satisfaction. Musk used his knowledge of the need to cut expenses and turn a profit to defend the end of the massive readmission and Tesla annual meeting, authorizing the payment. They posted a profit of $721 million in 2020, compared to a loss of $862 million in 2019, after having their first profitable year in January 2021.

Effectiveness and viability require extreme dedication such as the efforts of Elon Musk the founder of Tesla puts a lot of focus and passion into himself. For the interests he pursues his goals with the same determination and concentration, we all know how different Elon Musk is from the rest and who drills vehicular tunnels to delay traffic under city streets. Are ready. And will come up with the idea of spending 120 hours a week.

The truth is, Musk is extremely intelligent and competitive at the same time because Musk owns it, while striving to meet factory output targets. The company is an all-rounder just like Tesla Tesla is much more than just a vehicle manufacturer. There is no Tesla publicly traded firm that also manufactures tech goods.

When you say Tesla you are talking about the design and development of electric vehicles. It conjures up many different images for different persons. Tesla Boring Company’s loop system consists of tunnels that carry people across the city in Tesla electric vehicles that zip between stations. Elon Musk Tunneling Completed $50 Million Project in One Year.

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