Elon Musk to expose Twitter’s Hunter Biden story cover-up

Elon Musk has only owned Twitter for less than a month and when he wrote this tweet he’s already bought conservatives Christmas presents ahead of the 2020 election, says hunter Biden’s laptop story That’s what is posted to be censored in the interest of transparency to restore public trust.

The Giants’ Twitter suspended the post account and blocked any users from sharing the story while Facebook banned users from viewing it. Mark Zuckerberg actually weighed in this year in an interview with Joe Rogan where he told the F.B.I. C’s team arrives and denounces C, saying that they should be on high alert.

The propaganda of the Russians should have been dropped. The FBI didn’t specifically say it was about Hunter Biden, but Zuckerberg said it fit the pattern. That was the point when the Post removed the original story, blaming it on Russian disinformation. Twitter’s decision to censor has drawn much criticism after Elon Musk announced that it was necessary.

He was greeted with some enthusiastic reactions online for going through an internal conversation on why the company decided to censor it. In which one person wrote “Do it tomorrow this would be a great conversation for thanksgiving dinner” Another wrote Elon Musk I think buying Twitter has made a bigger impact on the world than landing on Mars Changing the world one tweet at a time .

This conversation going to be huge about making public and yes please the contents of hunter biden’s laptop have been slowly fed to the public over the past two years all coming from the fact that hunter won 2019 i won wilmington Dropped my laptop at a repair shop in Delaware and never went back to pick it up.

The owner went through the laptop and eventually decided to give it to the FBI, though he made a copy that ended up in the hands of Rudy Giuliani, who eventually went through hard labor. The York Post’s drive was a tangled web of foreign financial deals he was involved in as well as videos and photos of Hunter Biden personally engaging in sexual acts and illegal drugs.

Posted October 14, 2020, The Post ran its first article Hunter Biden’s emails detailed relationship between then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and a Ukrainian businessman Emails reveal Joe Biden and Hunter P. Met a top advisor on the board of energy company Urisma.

Hunter was also reportedly being paid fifty thousand dollars a month, a problem that Joe Biden has, especially during the campaign and still maintains that he had access to his son’s business dealings through leaks. had access.

It has nothing to do with the contents of the laptop and the whistleblower claimed that this statement has been debunked several times. The mainstream media has failed to touch upon the story of the post, instead recognizing that it is time News outlets have slowly begun to verify and report on content. It’s impossible to break down every single scandal that has surfaced over the years, but here’s what happened this year.

More than 120,000 emails leaked in May from Hunter’s laptop and Biden’s laptop were published on a searchable online database that anyone could access. So much could have come from these emails from 2010 to 2019, but here are a few standouts, according to the emails Hunter Abroad said contained several shady deals with China and Ukraine, where he indicated that his father Hunter and his business partner James can be included in the email shown to their business.

Gilia, discussing a lucrative deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate, revealed in emails that the pair discussed 10 for the big man hired by H, who later alleged that the statement was meant to be 10 for Joe Biden.Another email revealed the president’s son had been contacted by laptop in 2010 for a possible real estate investment meeting with Prince Andrew.

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