Elon Musk to make alternative smartphone if Apple or Google bans Twitter

Apple or Google ban Twitter Elon Musk will make an alternative smartphone Tesla Pi Phone that is set to compete with Apple’s iPhone and other smartphones Tesla CEO’s recent comments on Elon Musk and his projects suggest that A smartphone from the Musk-led company might not be too far away.

Musk has been embroiled in controversy since completing his acquisition of the social media platform Twitter. His most recent controversial moves included a poll that asked the platform’s users whether offering a general amnesty for suspended accounts was a good idea.

The vote ended with users deciding to apologize Caraballo argued that Musk’s decisions on Twitter make the platform dangerous Apple and Google seriously need to boot Twitter from the App Store What Musk is doing Existentially dangerous for disadvantaged communities, it is like opening the gates of hell to cause destruction.

Individuals straightforwardly participated in designated provocation can return and take part in doxing, designated badgering, horrible tormenting, calling for viciousness, praising savagery. I couldn’t in fact start to let you know how much this is, Caraballo said will be risky. Musk, for his part, has highlighted several times that Twitter will not tolerate hate speech or posts that incite violence. These incorporate late suggestions to take action from a gathering that welcomed individuals to go after Tesla stores to communicate their dismay at Musk.

The topic of Apple and Google potentially pulling Twitter from their app stores has been a hotly debated topic on the social media platform. Some users, such as podcast host Liz Wheeler, noted that if Twitter were banned by Apple and Google, it would be a good idea for Musk to produce a smartphone. Musk responded positively to Wheeler’s post, noting that while he hopes Twitter won’t boot from the Apple and Android App Stores, he will create an alternative phone if needed.

I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that but if there’s no other option I’ll get a replacement phone The trend indicates the same is true on the Android side, with Samsung’s Fold series of devices focusing on iterative upgrades every year. Musk’s companies inspire people, which is one reason why some concept artists have already toyed with the idea of a Tesla-inspired phone.

They also include concept creator Jonas Dehrt, who in late 2019 unveiled an all-electric pickup truck with a Cybertruck-inspired design for a possible smartphone. Deheart’s design received a lot of praise from social media users. One might expect that Musk would not release such a device due to Twitter being banned by Apple and Google.

The SpaceX boss was responding to a tweet by conservative podcast host Liz Wheeler, who suggested the tech billionaire should just launch his own smartphone. Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced Tuesday that he would manufacture and launch his own smartphone if Apple and Google decide to boot Twitter Inc from the App Store, sparking controversy over offering a general amnesty for previously suspended accounts.

The Tesla and SpaceX boss was responding to a tweet by conservative podcast host Liz Wheeler, who suggested the tech billionaire should launch his own smartphone as an alternative to the” one-sided and sneaking around iPhone and Android.” Musk answered by saying that “assuming there could be no other choice, he’ll do it”. Uncertainty has hung over Twitter’s future in recent weeks as the corporation recently purchased by Musk has experienced a mass exodus of employees.

Musk’s commitment to a “hardcore” work culture resulted in the reduction of the workforce to around 7,500. The “free speech autocrat” entrepreneur has sparked controversy for relaxing content moderation protocols and reinstating a barrage of previously banned accounts, including that of former US President Donald Trump. The US Capitol publicized unsubstantiated election fraud claims on Twitter on 6 January.

In a later clarification, Twitter said Republican leader Trump’s account had been suspended “due to the risk of further inciting violence”. Trump set up other controversial accounts with Musk, including Jordan Peterson, The Babylon Bee, Kathy Griffin and Andrew Tate. Obscure reportedly threatened to permanently remove Twitter from the App Store due to a moderation error. The SpaceX boss in turn retorted that the 30% website store commission represented a “secret tax”, adding that he would not mind “going to war” on it.

The massive cut in App Store revenue has many to blame, including a lawsuit from Limitless maker Epic Games. Musk, puzzled by the state of the market, tweeted that the corporation was “threatening to withdraw Twitter from its App Store, but why not us.” Ocxist previously removed Parlor from its App Store for violating violent content. Apple demanded that Parlor review its moderation policy to eliminate illegal speech and allow similar user-received content to be accepted.

Is there a limit to how far Elon Musk can go to make his vision come to life? Probably not. In the wake of assuming control over Twitter, Musk might make his own cell phone. No, we are not talking about another meme shared by the self-proclaimed meme god of the microblogging platform. But this is what the richest man in the world said during an actual conversation somewhere on Saturday.

If giants like Apple and Google take Twitter out of their app stores then man can make his own phone. Regarding concerns regarding Twitter’s review of moderation issues and the Google App Store team, Musk responded to a user on Twitter that he would be an option if his social networking platform were ever booted by Apple or Google. Will prepare

In case you are not aware, Twitter is facing serious scrutiny from the App Stores owned by the two big tech giants Apple and Google, and needless to say, Hat Musk is worried that the microblogging platform could be cornered by the App Store. Will be removed. can be removed. It came after a person on Twitter asked Musk that “if there is a glitch and Google is thinking of booting Twitter from its app store, @elonmusk should make it his own smartphone.”

A new smartphone can’t be that hard to build for someone who’s set out to take people to Mars, right? Here’s what a Twitter user said: “Half the country happily quit division, snooping smartphones and Android. Man is a rocket to Mars, a tiny smartphone must be handy?” Responding to his tweet, Musk expressed hope that it would never come, but that if Twitter is removed from the Google and Apple app stores.

I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that, but, yes, if there’s no other option, I’ll make an alternate phone, Musk replied. Last week, Yoel Roth, who left Twitter as head of trust and security, said Musk had given up on his impulsive responsibility and perpetuated the lack of claims through tweet-length announcements about the terms given placed, Twitter is now being closely scrutinized by both Apple and Google.

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