Elon Musk today finally launched Sales Of $5000 Tesla Bot .

Elon Musk revealed the date of the announcement of the humanoid robot Tesla Bot It finally became known when we will be shown a working prototype of an unusual new product from Tesla.

How many sources will have Elon Musk’s robot, are interested in the amount of about ten thousand dollars whether will really answer these questions and find out the release date and first presentation of the latest news about Tesla robots.

We will talk about Elon Musk who promises to present a humanoid robot Elon Musk Humanoid robot Teslabot also known as Optimus, will be presented on 30th September.

Tesla was artificial intelligence day. .

The entrepreneur clarified that by the end of 2022, Tesla will already have prototypes of robots in the works and recently the CEO said that the company intends to start mass production of such robots in 2023.

It’s an overly optimistic schedule for such an ambitious project, but Musk has stressed several times that building a Tesla bot is a priority. The company’s first robot will be programmed to perform simple and repetitive tasks, including production operations.

Tesla plans that over time the robot will improve and be able to perform a wide range of tasks that will make it useful in a variety of areas in June.

3 Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that automaker Tesla is postponing the company’s second annual AI Day conference from August 19 to September 30. Neuer explained by saying that perhaps by this time the prototype of the company’s humanoid robot Optimus would be ready.

It would be possible to introduce it in case the anthropomorphic robot’s height is 173 centimeters, the weight is 57 kilograms instead of a single step. Flat screen will be installed for the robot on which information will be displayed.

Developers promise that the Optimus will be able to move cargo weighing 20 kilograms at speeds up to eight kilometers The Slash H will have the same Autopilot system chips and sensors that Tesla is developing for its self-driving cars Optimus.

Planned to use for tasks that are considered dangerously boring, for example driving a car or shopping, the owner will have the opportunity to turn the device off at any time for the first time.

The start of work on Optimus, another name Teslabot, was announced in August 2021 during a video conference with an invite to the first AI Day conference in early 2022.

Elon Musk said Optimus is the main project Tesla will work on in April this year. It has already received a lot of criticism amid claims that the entrepreneur regularly announces new sensational projects.

Those that do not come into force at the end of 2019, for example in 2019 they promised that Tesla would release at least one million self-driving cars on the roads a year which in the end didn’t happen, giving them other unrealistic projects. Reminded.

Supercharger network of chargers powered by solar power and robotic chargers, as AI researcher and entrepreneur Gary Marcus, a Metal Snake scientist commenting on the Tesla bot, said that there is no anthropomorphic robot to be at a level comparable to a human in 2023. will be able to function.

Also experts agree that the need for autopilot systems for anthropomorphic robots to be very different from the robots used in self-driving cars.


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