Elon Musk Told Bari Weiss He Was Worried About The ‘Future Of Civilization’ Before ‘Twitter Files’ Release

As part of his plan to spend $44 billion to buy the company, Twitter CEO Elon Musk talks with free press journalist Bari Weiss about the future of Twitter. Musk expressed his concern for the future, saying that the birth rate is falling because the police are gaining power, and that it is enough to have an opinion. Weiss said that we are going in the wrong direction.

Musk said that one of our goals here is to clear the deck of any prior wrongdoing and move forward with a clean slate. I’m sleeping at Twitter HQ for some reason. Musk said this is a code-red situation. Shared by Weiss sleeping with her son on a couch at the Twitter headquarters.

According to Weiss, they have instituted an extremely fanatical work culture, with engineers working 18-hour shifts for the past month. The company was originally a labor organization before Musk gave it to Weiss. Musk said it was a nonprofit engaged in social impact with a focus on breaking down rather than increasing revenue.

Musk compared his changes on Twitter to the post-apartheid Truth and Reconciliation Commission in his native South Africa, according to Weiss. Weiss said he is trying to rebuild Twitter’s trust and make the platform a digital town square. While sifting through the “Twitter Files” with a team of reporters, Weiss spoke with Musk several times at the company headquarters. Weiss revealed that Musk had given him and other journalists access to the files with the sole condition of tweeting to him first.

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