Elon Musk Trolls Jeff Bezoz after claiming the title of the ‘World Richest person’

Tesla and SpaceX chairman Elon Musk was recently unfollowed on Twitter by Forbes after Amazon’s Jeff Bezos earned the title of the world’s most extraordinary person. Musk and Bezos share a solid rivalry of exchange, trading firmly in the #1 and #2 spots on the “World’s Most Extravagant” list, yet their relationship is far more complicated than net worth.

After Bezos tweeted a very poignant proclamation that coincided with a 1999 article predicting the collapse of online business giant Amazon, there was a significant response from Musk, who posted just a silver penny. posted. replied with the jewelry emoticon. “Listen and be open, but don’t tell anyone who you identify with. This was one of many accounts that made us aware of all the ways we were planning to downsize. Today, Amazon, Bezos shared to Barron’s. On May 31, 1999, one of the best organizations in the world and it has reversed two completely different ventures.

Musk overtook Bezos on the Forbes list at the end of the week, adding an additional $10 billion to his fortune after agreeing a proposal deal with aviation conglomerate SpaceX. Musk’s ongoing net worth puts him first on the list with $204.7 billion, making him the richest person on the list with a net worth of over $200 billion. Experiencing a $174 million decrease in net worth at the end of the week, Bezos moved into second place with $191.5 billion.

Musk and Bezos have competing aviation organizations, SpaceX with Musk and Blue Beginnings with Bezos. Two competing organizations are attempting to build the rocket that will transform space travel, making it accessible to everyone and perhaps leading to future civilian institutions colonizing various planets. With essentially the same goal in mind, the two haven’t really appreciated the approach with their organizations, especially Musk, who has called Bezos out on the claims.

In late September, CNBC shared an article discussing Musk’s delivery of Bezos’s system to prevent SpaceX from suing him. Amazon responded with a clarification that expressed that SpaceX has a notorious past of suing the US government, to which Musk replied, “SpaceX is allowed to sue, to close BO rival lawsuit”. ”

Blue Beginnings sued NASA in August over a settlement the government space organization had with SpaceX.

“No matter how great your legal advisors are, you can’t sue your direction to the moon,” Musk said at the 2021 CodeCon event in Beverly Slopes in September.

Two very rich men have long traded the title of world’s richest person as their stocks fluctuated. According to the Bloomberg Super Rich List, Musk is currently worth $213 billion, while Bezos is worth $197 billion.

While Musk added over $43 billion to his net worth from 2021, Bezos earned less than $7 billion this year. On July 5, Bezos also stepped down as head of Amazon to assume the role of chief executive officer of the company.

Bezos held the title in early 2017, before Musk deposed him in January as the most extravagant person on the planet. The first person to have a net worth of over $200 billion as of August 2020.

Musk and Bezos have recently extended their protest beyond Earth’s border points. With his special space adventure, Bezos beat Musk when he flew an artifact from his company Blue Beginnings into suborbital space on a ten-minute trip in July. (English tycoon Richard Branson beat Bezos by mere weeks with his rocket trip into space.)

Musk’s SpaceX carried four regular citizens into space for three days in the first mission of its kind in September, although Musk was not on the interstellar flight. But Musk had already informed his secretive SpaceX company before Bezos sent Blue Beginnings. In April of 2019, Musk considered Bezos a “copycat” on Twitter when Amazon reported it would rival SpaceX with web-radiating satellites.

Musk again considered Bezos a “copycat” in June of 2020 when Amazon bought vehicle organization Zoox. While Musk has angered Bezos through direct online entertainment, the Amazon leader has been hostile in their spat. After NASA awarded a $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX in April, Blue Beginnings claimed that the award to Musk was unfair.

Musk tweeted about the suit, “In the event that the campaign and legal advisors can hook you up, Bezos Pluto will be on now.”

Amazon also filed a civil complaint against SpaceX with the commission, saying Musk ignored government-enforced regulations regarding his plan to launch a satellite web business.

Musk commented again on Twitter, saying that Bezos “resigned to complete the daily task of documenting claims against SpaceX.”

Despite this, interesting pictures have emerged of the two having fun in relation to their space aspirations. Musk congratulated Bezos on Twitter ahead of Blue Beginnings’ July departure, and after a visit to SpaceX fourteen days earlier, Bezos tweeted back thoughtful words: “Another step toward a future where space is open to all of us.” ” Is.”

The struggle of the super rich continues. Late Sunday night, Jeff Bezos tweeted an old Barron’s lead story questioning Amazon’s future progress, telling supporters not to “reveal your identity to anyone.” “This was one of many accounts that informed us of all the ways we were planning to fall,” he wrote.

“Today, Amazon is one of the best organizations in the world and it has transformed two completely different enterprises.” Tycoon Elon Musk responded with a brass tweet – a silver embellishment emoticon – reminding the Amazon organizer that he is no longer the most extraordinary person in the world.

Musk received the title in September, when he became the third person with a net worth of over $200 billion. “I’m sending a monster figurine of the number ‘2’ with silver decorations to Jeffrey B,” the Tesla pioneer told Forbes at the time.


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