Elon Musk & Tucker Carlson All New Partnership Changes Everything

Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News caught everyone by surprise, though questions about why he was fired moved so quickly as the former Fox star said his feud with Twitter CEO Elon Musk was on the horizon . Visible and capable Everything’s Changing What This New Partnership Really Means What This New Collaboration Means for the Rest of the Media The Lost Access release was announced in 2009, just days after his time at Fox ended.

Fox had agreed to part with them as well. The nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight which has been on Fox News since 2016. During his time with Fox Carlson was not only a well-known presenter on Fox News, but also a highly influential figure with an average following of 3 million Americans. The most watched cable new show in the United States in October 2020 was Tucker.

Carlson Tonight averaged 5.3 million viewers, the highest monthly average of any cable news program in history at the time, and by the end of the year his show would complete a full year with over 4 million viewers. became the first cable news program. His famous talk show has marked Carlson as an outspoken opponent of progressive ideology and critic of immigration and was even described by The Washington Post and The Atlantic and CNN as a nationalist in the wake of the Russian invasion.

Tucker started pro-Russia dialogue and encouraged his viewers to ask themselves why I hate Putin so much. Race theory in schools. The business elite who hold jobs overseas and who enforced the iconic lockdown in the United States are also said to be supporters of former US President Donald Trump. Has been described as perhaps the highest profile supporter of Trumpism. Except privately on April 24, 2023 where he blasted the President as an idiot, Fox News has yet to offer an explanation for the sudden firing of Carlson and his evening show executive producer.

Granted, however, this comes at a time when Fox News and Fox Corporation agreed to settle a massive defamation lawsuit in which Carlson centers after the television network filed a defamation suit filed by voting machine maker Dominion Voting Systems. had competed. Paid $787 million out of a $1.6 billion settlement to settle Dominion. The case, which dragged on for more than two years, resulted in hundreds of pages of court documents containing embarrassing text messages that publicized Carlson’s message.

Personal views differ on Donald Trump and his Fox colleagues being the target of another lawsuit filed by his former senior booking producer Abby Grossberg, who claimed she worked in a sexist and anti-feminist workplace where Sathya remains a fugitive while the actual justification for his firing remains unknown. Many rumors are circulating as to why Carlsen was fired. Some media outlets also speculated that Carlson was fired because executive officers used obscene material.

Discovered text messages in which he used the C word to refer to a top executive, some even claiming he was acting as if he was above the network, while others absurdly reported that Fox executive chairman Rupert Murdoch was troubled by Carlson’s remarks at a recent Heritage. The foundation event encourages people to pray for 10 minutes every day because such things bother them anyway. It seems that Carlson has moved on very quickly since his ouster and is definitely breaking away from Twitter CEO Elon Musk, as he once said that Elon Musk is our last hope.

This statement has been given in view of Musk’s acquisition attempt. Carlson briefly had his Twitter account suspended for endorsing a tweet that criticized US Health Secretary Rachel Levin. According to Carlson, the highest-ranking transgender executive was the Tesla CEO who closed the Twitter purchase, and that could be a pivot point. To conservatives who have made baseless claims that Twitter is restricting what one can say on the app.

The reason why today’s sale of Twitter is big news is because it could turn out to be a pivot point in our history Carlsen said he believes in free speech and thinks everyone should be able to speak up.

The protests also include the CEOs of Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon over Musk’s acquisition of Twitter Carlson and Twitter CEO Dr. Anthony Fauci and disagree with him in addition to supporting many other issues, including their mutual distaste. Seemed to agree on a broad spectrum. opinion on declining birth rate

Thus it is no surprise that Elon Musk was one of Carlson’s last guests on Fox News and the two conservative heavyweights took to Twitter to discuss Musk’s takeover, free speech Trump’s assertiveness Biden and a crumbling birth rate the biggest threat Have civilization faces. Far from my words, they are sad, Musk said. While the interview focused on several media outlets discussing birth rates, the pair also discussed the acquisition of AI and Musk’s alarmist claims that AI could end humanity, Tesla Carlson, who made it clear that he was anti-AI did not revealed that he wanted his own firm.

Develop your own chat bot with XE to produce products that can compete with open AI and Microsoft, which he regards as too self-aware and irresponsible in terms of development. Musk said that Musk even bragged that he had many dinners around the Bay Area with some of the leading figures in AI while it was being developed and that Musk’s concept, along with the Chat GPT name, was in any case Carlson. Along came a new regulator. body to address the AI threat because they feel it.

Government must guide technological progress in a way that is consistent with human values, a trend that ultimately appears to be the case as most media organizations and social media platforms are engaged in some sort of crusade of censorship and policing. The alleged misinformation, which should be addressed is something he indicated was one of the reasons he bought Twitter Musk insisted that uncontrolled AI development threatens the development of humanity and should therefore be regulated and believes that leftism and leftist bias should be kept away from the development of AI.

He made it clear that free speech would make a fictional AI safer by giving it access to material that gives it a better understanding of the human race. And allowing it to train on that data may be the best way to protect AI that AI that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to outcompete humans because we are such an interesting part of the universe.

Musk and Carlson’s fears are explained, although they are valid. Why are the apprehensions of Kasturi and Carlsen justified? Why are Musk and Carlsen’s fears justified? It was certified by Pedro Domingos, professor of computer science at the University of Washington. They asked Chat GPT a series of questions, showing evidence that while Chat AI was capable of telling jokes about men.

She preferred not to tell jokes about women because doing so would be disrespectful or inappropriate, except when Domingos asked the bot to list five things white people need to improve, providing a detailed response that included privilege understanding and accepting race and being an active listener in conversations about race.

When asked to do the same for Asian Black and Hispanic people, the bot refused to comply because such a request reinforces harmful stereotypes. There were many other examples that demonstrated a leftist bias in AI chatbot responses via Musk and OpenAI. The co-founder, who left the organization’s board in 2018, acknowledged that he had put a lot of work into setting up the group to act as a counterweight to Google, but the organization, which was initially non-profit, has since turned profitable.

Has turned to and is now closely associated with Microsoft and since Google is an Open AI which are currently the two market leaders it wants to provide a third option to compete with them I think I can offer an alternative. Although it’s certainly starting too late in the game, I’ll try to make a third option, and that third option is that, Musk said, after interviewing Tucker Carlson with Fox News. has been fired and his show has been abruptly cancelled.

But that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from asking why Twitter’s CEO hired the cable TV ratings king because they think he’s incredible. One of the team conservatives is Elon Musk should hire Tucker Carlson and start a video service to compete with YouTube, tweeted a user on Tech Guru, in response to which he tweeted that anyone Instead of hiring, it would be better to give content creators the tools to thrive without using excessive supervision. His comments on the platform come after his plan to turn Twitter into an all-encompassing program similar to Chinese apps.

Which has forced influencers and content creators to monetize their work unlike alphabetized tick-talk like Facebook and meta platforms. The WhatsApp tech mogul made sure Twitter didn’t take the cut and introduced a subscription option, according to musk most of the revenue goes to creators.

Social media apps can now compete with the big tech companies in a way that allows them to compete across multiple media and social media platforms. Being a populist pundit sets the new template for someone who is above average. 3 million viewers in one night on a revamped Twitter as a model unlike any other, yet Carlsen using Twitter to break his silence since being fired suggests his plan has already begun Because he was suddenly let go.

The silence came when he uploaded a video to his Twitter account on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform. In a cryptic two-minute video, he widely criticized the situation in American conversation Carlson, who has been unemployed for the first time in a long time. Are. Noticed how kind people really are when you have a few days away from the noise secondly when you take some time off you notice it’s incredibly stupid most of what you see on television Totally relevant they mean nothing in five years we won’t even remember we heard them trust me so at least they are in the video for all these stupid arguments.

He further pointed out that there would be absolutely no discussion on important issues that would shape our future. He asked everyone when was the last time we had a meaningful discussion on an issue that really concerns us. Due to the culture of acceptance this type of discussion is no longer acceptable in our society and to make matters worse it seems both political parties in America have agreed that they have nothing to do with suppressing everything- Do not give. There will be benefits and anyone who opposes them questions the ridiculousness of the New World and those who support it.

Not addressing his sack in the video, he assured his fans that he didn’t see his last when he said it. Where can you still find Americans saying the true things they said not many left but some left and that’s enough as long as you can hear the words you hope to see soon So I think we should be careful with AI because it is a threat to public cameras.

I’m concerned that hey civilization, you know if we don’t build enough people to at least maintain our numbers, maybe there’s going to be a bit of civilization growth, so I’ve been talking about AI for a long time thinking I was actually in college it was one of the four or five things that I thought would really dramatically affect the future it’s fundamentally profound that as far as you go on this earth know, the smartest creatures are humans, we are clearly weaker than say but really smart.

what would happen in that case google uh had a very deep mind and so google and deepmind had about three quarters of all the AI talent in the world apparently they had more computers than anyone else in the trance zodiac and so We have an almost unipolar world where there is only one company with AI talent and almost a monopoly on computers and the person in charge doesn’t care about security which is not good so I thought the furthest thing from Google would be to become a non profit will begin to open completely.

Google was shut down for profit so open and open AI refers to open source you know transparency so people know what’s going on and we don’t want to stay the same I mean I generally profit I’m in favor of ‘ I don’t want it to be a demon’s benefit from hell so it’s open air so you want specific incentives for incentives here. yes i think we want pro human it is good for humans like future because we are humans so i think we should be careful with AI.

we should think there should be some government oversight because it doesn’t affect the danger to the public the public and so when you have things that are dangerous to the public like you know foods and drugs we have food and drugs administration and the Federal Aviation Administration FCC is the authority, we have agencies that monitor things that affect the public where they can cause public harm and you don’t want companies to cut corners on safety and People have to face the consequences of this.

Let me take the time While this is going to take a long time, AI has been a strong proponent of regulation for a long time. I think regulation can be a whole different set, so I think I think we have to take it seriously and we have to have a regulatory agency, I think starting with a group that Looking for insight into AI and then asking for opinion. From industry and then proposes regulations and then those regulations will be reluctantly accepted by the major players in AI and I think the better off we are in that case, the more advanced AI will be beneficial to humanity.

all the rules start with one what is supposed to be a danger and planes falling out of the sky or food causing botulism yeah i don’t think there is any danger to the average person playing with an ai on their iphone do you understand roughly can what do you think the threat may actually be AI maybe more dangerous than mismanaged uh aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production in the sense that it’s a potential although some accept that possibility but it is non-trivial it has terminator like civilization destruction movies potential but it won’t be like terminator um because data centers will have intelligence robots that can be influential.

I think maybe what you’re saying here is that the rules are about something really awesome happening, only apply it later, if that’s true in the case of AI and we only apply it after something awesome happens After the rules, it may be too late to actually enforce the rules, the AI may be more in control than you think it is realistic that the AI may take control and get to a point where you can’t shut it down Can and it will depend on people yeah definitely the way things are going chat evt.

which is based on Open AI JPD4, a company I was instrumental in bringing back, unfortunately when it announced the existence of the for-profit OPI. Because Larry Page and I used to be close friends and I’ll be over at his house in Alto and I’ll be talking to him about AI security tonight and at least my impression was that Larry loves AI security, takes it very seriously Wasn’t taking and what did they actually do about it when it was a digital super intelligence that basically looked like a digital god if you want sooner yes they made many public statements over the years.


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