Elon Musk Twitter Talks About Insane Mystery Opening.

How the Twitter Board Has Responded After the Tech Genius Revelations Will the Revelations Affect the Outcome of the Twitter Talks We explore Elon Musk’s insane revelations about the Twitter talks.

Everyone was excited when Musk decided to buy Twitter. Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal was excited along with the board of directors because he knew that Musk would bring new energy to the social media platform. Parag expressed his excitement on Twitter, saying, Excited to share.

We are appointing Elon Musk to our board. It became clear to us through conversations with Elon in recent weeks that he would bring great value to our board in whatever industry Musk comes across.

Best known for turning him in, he was sure to do so for this social media platform as a result the deal totaled $44 billion. After the dollar was settled, the tech billionaire would buy each share at 54.90.

As a result of which Mask was invited to be a part of Twitter Bee. To everyone’s surprise, the Tesla CEO decided not to join the Twitter board a few days after the invitation, it turned out there was some information and consistency.

What Musk discovered that apparently slowed down the microblogging platform’s acquisition process, these issues have contributed to the fact that Musk has not acquired Twitter to date.

Some have speculated that the deal has been put on hold, but Musk still believes the acquisition process is still on, as he indicates on his Twitter that the issues are one of the main issues.

Which is affecting Twitter. The deal is the number of spam users, according to Twitter’s annual filing report, has always been less than five percent of spam users, though Musk made a different finding from his research.

What he previously believed was less than five percent of spam users. His findings were the exact opposite of Twitter’s sample size of 100 spam users used to determine the number of spam users Musk employed a different technique, as pointed out by the filing.

What was equally decisive was the technical genius who highlighted that the total number of liked tweets should be a minimum of ten percent of the total registered users, but it is only two percent to make his point clear.

Musk explained that I posted about Coca-Cola and it is one of the most liked tweets of all time. If daily monetized active users are 217 million, why this tweet is only 2.5 of the entire user base .

According to Musk it is unlikely that the number of spam accounts is exaggerated. The number of Twitter users currently stands at 229 million users, with Twitter regularly reporting that the number of spam users is five percent, despite new evidence from Musk. was less than

In fact Twitter’s legal contacts had reached out to Kasturi and accused him of violating non-disclosure. The agreement came after Musk published evidence that he would block the acquisition.

The tech mogul has every right to stop the acquisition. That’s because the initial deal was that if spam users were less than five percent from Musk’s research, he would acquire the social media app, it seems.

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