Elon Musk was in Qatar to watch the World Cup last match among Argentina and France

Musk was in Qatar to watch the World Cup last match among Argentina and France and tweeted his survey after the game finished. Saudi ruler Alwaleed canister Talal Al Saud is the second biggest financial backer in Twitter after Musk, while the Qatar Speculation Authority has put $375 million in the web-based entertainment stage.

In recent policy changes at Twitter Inc, Elon Musk asked users whether he should step down as head of the social media site. Nearly 57% of the 16 million voters said yes, polling ended at around 6:20 p.m. ET. in New York. The extremely rich person proprietor of Twitter and CEO of Tesla Inc will circle back to the consequences of the vote in a tweet on Sunday. The main three short-term moving points in the US were about the stage including Votes Yes and Twitter’s Chief.

There is no clear replacement at Twitter, with Musk saying in a later tweet that no one wants the job that can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor and it has been heading towards bankruptcy since May. Tesla shares were up 4.8% in US premarket exchanging on Monday.

Shares in the carmaker have declined 57% this year amid concerns that the chaotic acquisition of Twitter has distracted Musk from the firm that propelled him to the world’s richest man last week. The Luxury Titan was defeated by Bernard Arnault. Following his acquisition of Twitter, Musk drew criticism for his sweeping changes to the social network, such as sacking more than half of its staff and bringing back previously banned accounts, as well as re-focusing on Tesla. to invoke. whose share price is falling.

Since reluctantly completing his acquisition of Twitter in late October, he has spent much of his time doing social work Twitter’s most engaged and active contributor was posting late Thursday night after a scuffle with reporters. The organization restricted large numbers of them from significant distributions, for example, the Washington Post and CNN, asserting that they were doxing its area.

The move was condemned by people like the American Civil Liberties Union and even the United Nations, who called it a dangerous precedent. Twitter also announced and retracted a policy change over the weekend under which it will block accounts created only to promote competing social networks.

That choice prompted the suspension of no less than one significant record, provoking Musk to say he would change strategy hours following its presentation. The Twitter Safety Account later offered a poll on whether other social media platforms should have a policy for removing accounts that promote it.

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