Elon Musk Will Deliver Lisa Marie Presley’s Eulogy

The world mourns the death of Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of King Elvis Presley, as preparations are made for her funeral and burial at Graceland.

Details about the guest list begin to leak The list of dignitaries in attendance is extensive and includes some of the most influential people in the world.

Reporter said Elon Musk will deliver eulogy He said they were good friends for many years Elon is deeply saddened by this news.

We were able to confirm that Musk would join several others with comments about Presley, including Howard Stern.

Whose appearance on the show is expected to offer some comic relief when he admitted that he liked having an anal fist.

Other guests include Tucker Carlson, former President Donald Trump, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and NFL star Herschel Walker. The ceremony will be closed to the public but the Estate Trustees.

Priscilla Presley would sell autographed thumb drives with copies of the event for “true fans of King”.

Musk confirmed his attendance and said he hoped to appoint someone who would be able to write a proper eulogy.

I hope my delivery is as impeccable as a SpaceX rocket. Lisa deserves nothing less, said the billionaire.

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