Elon Musk’s $700 Million SuperYacht FINALLY Hitting The Market

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this tweet in 2016 that the Model S could temporarily float like a boat, it was a bold claim and some people were really impressed, but others weren’t. The suspicion then was that if it did not happen soon, we would not have to settle. Very soon we may have a $700 million water-powered and solar-charged Tesla yacht thanks to the floating Model S, which is as epic as you’d expect from any Tesla product.

Before you go, there are two things you should know first. The Tesla yacht is a breathtaking work of marine engineering, a marvel that art and science had a sea child and to be honest I am not surprised that the Tesla company has shown that they innovate not only in their approach to machinery but They are also precise when it comes to speaking.

But we need to address the second point, you should know that at least for the moment there is no Tesla yacht and I promise you this is not click bait, rabbit hole, it is not a scam. As far as the design of the yacht is concerned at the moment, it is still going through its conceptual phase in the hands of Dhruv Prasad, a designer who has previously worked on the Tesla design team, so let’s get down to the details.

Tesla has had its fair share of interesting ventures in its relatively short history since coming to the fore in the early 2000s, and since Musk took control of the company, we’ve seen everything from electric cars to the future. You’ve seen everything from luxurious pickup trucks to entire constructions. If you take all that into account, the energy-intensive subdivisions that threaten to redefine the way we consume electricity are not so far away.

The Tesla yacht is bizarre and surprising because designer Drew Prasad took major inspiration from the shape of a giant squid when creating its sleek-looking structure and surprising because unlike other yachts this one will be as luxurious as anything with a Tesla logo. Oh you didn’t know that boats make noise, here’s a reference for educational purposes for you and a little reason why Tesla boats don’t make that sound.

It’s all thanks to the electric machinery that drives it and we’ll talk a little bit about who designed it in the first place and why, but for now let’s get on with it, we know people look at the exterior and interior features. Let’s look at Depending on which design you choose to look at, the Tesla yacht will be sleek and the incredibly modern Tesla super yacht will measure a very economical 131 feet or 40 meters across its entire length, which is a bit disturbing in contrast. Because if you look at yachts if you know anything about America, you know these dimensions are incredibly small, especially by any standard.

The yacht which will reportedly cost 700 million dollars, you won’t believe me, here is a list of longest yachts in the world, if we rank Tesla yacht in this list, better give me second place Well, the last yacht on this list is nowhere to be found. at least 246 feet which is about 75 meters so ask me why i still call it a super yacht the answer is simple it’s worth it i don’t think i know anyone that’s worth 700 million Got dollars, I can buy a yacht and I know enough.

Four lounges, two decks, it sucks, I mean if you’re not already in shock like me and stuttering in disbelief, you probably know what that means, but don’t worry, if we Based on how you choose to rank the boats, I’ll break it down. How much do they cost? The Tesla yachts will top the $600 million ship Azam, which is owned by an Abu Dhabi billionaire and costs a hundred million less, despite it costing less. The Azam has seven decks and 50 suites, at least three times as many decks and several times as many.

Tesla yacht offer OK, so I’ll play Tesla superfan for a second and say maybe it’s just a question of exclusivity, it could be a yacht for introverted billionaires, maybe, whoever buys it Be the type that wins. I want tourists to keep it small, call it the personal super yacht, which will look cool now that, in addition to its wildly priced and economical space, it also has a deceptively narrow design that makes it both stylish and aerodynamic, but more importantly allows this.

It can move quickly in the water while maintaining its graceful appearance, it also has a sharp narrow tip with a flat broad end that opens into a lounge, and the windows are large panoramic windows that span almost the entire length of the ship. moving lights that illuminate its interior, allowing natural light for anyone who can afford it, as well as breathtaking views of the sunset, the Tesla yacht will also have a unique luxurious and modern interior, the upper deck a large open Will be with the place, which can be used for anything from large parties.

It will also have a bar and comfortable seating, at one end will be a large TV screen and a huge solar panel that will power the whole boat, at the other end will be a battery indicator and both will be protected from strong weather conditions. Could The stern will also feature a lounge area with a controlled shutter door that comes with comfortable deck chairs and a jacuzzi, within which are two bedrooms that will obviously be luxuriously furnished to the taste of the Tesla brand and needless to say Is.

It would also have space for cabin crew, a kitchen, a swimming pool and bathrooms, the lower deck would have many of the same facilities as the upper deck, including a living area with seats hidden in tables that fold up when pushed. a button. It will come out and eventually it will happen. There is also a fully equipped spa with massage tables and a steam room, bringing another level of luxury to the yacht, with many features still a secret, and many more to come. That will come with time, but for now you can be sure Tesla will focus on the power system.

They have ample experience that will give them enough leverage to set them ahead of the game, leveraging their history of building sustainable electric power systems that have not only powered electric cars around the world but thousands of homes across America. has also made its place. Energy is concentrated. Tesla with the Sub Vision has introduced a range of energy products such as the Power Wall, which has disrupted traditional energy industry devices, such as the Power Wall which uses solar panels or grid-generated energy for its users to use. It’s clean and efficient in the event of down periods or outages, two things yacht manufacturers around the world have to contend with, millions have been spent on research and development, but it looks like Tesla is living up to its eco-friendly code.

But it will also prevent the ship’s engines from hydrolocking, the hydrolock that occurs when too much water fills a yacht’s motor engine, but since the design ensures that the yacht will have no open spaces that the blue sea can exploit. On the top of the yacht there will be a customized solar panel which I mentioned earlier which will be enough to charge the battery even when the yacht is stationary and on the bottom there will be turbines which can propel the yacht up to a speed of 70 kmph.

The knots by producing hydroelectric energy that will be transmitted to power the yacht and charge the battery tree, this loop mimics the system found in Tesla electric vehicles, making each a powerful energy generator and conservator, This also means that the yacht can eliminate fuel costs. Making sure it never gets stranded in the middle of the ocean, you should now know that if this yacht ever sees the light of day, at least from a technical point of view, it will be a Japanese company’s knee-deck in 2021.

The electric motor industry reports that it has installed an electric power system on a 165-foot yacht and it’s working fine, but Dr. Charles Cumann, Tesla’s chief engineer, has also been testing the Elon GT5 with his personal yacht and electric are doing. This is becoming a growing trend that may eventually require a giant like Tesla to make a technical statement, can you now see why the electric boat concept isn’t such a far cry.

At least not with people like Dr. Charles on the Tesla team, well now it’s time to discuss price because I don’t think we’ve talked about it enough, $700 million is a lot of money, like that I said, called and I still don’t think I have friends that can accept the fact that there aren’t a lot of yachts in the world that can cross that price point, in fact if you look at yachts So only one Roman Abramovich Eclipse counts, actually exists and cost $1.5 billion.

For reasons we can’t begin to enumerate in this video, so in what universe do we see Elon making a Tesla ship so expensive, personally I think there is a chance, but whatever we’ve done here Take that with a grain of salt because I think most, if not all specifications will change, the boat will be longer, the boat will be longer, the price will be lower, the innovation will be more revolutionary and precise, as I said, a lot will change And that’s probably why Elon hasn’t publicly endorsed the $700 million Tesla yacht.

No comments yet, so wait, does this mean the yacht could never be built anytime soon, Elon hasn’t even ruled out a yacht and that’s weird because when you consider the fact that The Tesla boss is the internet’s biggest troll, so you know there’s no way he did this. Do not do this. concept yacht and this also means that their silence has been a deliberate choice.

I’m sure Elon knows about this insanely expensive electric yacht because Drew Prasad is the man behind this concept yacht, who helped Tesla work with the product design team. He’s certainly come up on Musk’s radar somewhere in the past, so with Elon reportedly having nothing to do with the design or idea of Tesla’s proposed concept.

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