Elon Musk’s advice on Investing during the Recession of 2022.

Elon Musk’s Advice on Investing During the Recession of 2022 Make Companies Go Bankrupt and Make Useful Products Prosper A Big Lesson of the Economic World Literally Comes to a halt When a Recession Strikes Many Businesses Collapse Investors Confused And are unable to figure out where to put your money but now comes the good news.

Elon Musk just shared some tips that can help us make better financial decisions in a recession. Is there a recession in the near term I think it’s more likely not exactly sure but it’s not very likely so the inflation question is interesting because we get a lot of information about it over time. That’s where the prices of things go because when you’re making millions of cars you have to buy items months before you need them as you need to tell because it’s a very long supply chain with a tremendous amount of inertia.

So our have some idea of ​​where the prices are going to go up over time and interestingly what we’re seeing right now. Most of our stuff doesn’t go to Tesla but I don’t know if half the prices in the US from six months this obviously can change from six months. Now but the trend is down which suggests that we are now making macroeconomic forecasts from past peak inflation. A recipe for disaster but I’m guessing we’re past extreme inflation and we’ll see that we have a recession.

I think it’ll be a relatively mild recession I’m guessing here. This is total speculation but I think this is what you know a mild recession because I don’t know if 18 months or something like that would be my best guess right now because they say history best teacher is tesla billionaire who will be 2022 Commenting on the economic downturn, made some reference to the 2008 financial crisis that began in the US. He also revealed a certain event that could lead to a very serious economic crisis and wanted to know more.

We do not have fundamental capital mis-allocation as we did in the past till 2008, where we were twice the primary housing units. was constructed at the rate of Rs. House construction which is clearly not understood. Many companies use leverage or debt. Companies have a relatively low um right now so I would say you know a mild to moderate recession in 18 months and I think we think inflation is going to go down pretty fast I think yeah we’re alike big recession.

Don’t think we’re going into a major recession maybe a mild downturn but it could be a mild downturn that lasts a few years as you know but it’s hard to predict because you know if it’s Like a war between China and Taiwan or something that will send the world into recession. Right now in China with um scary they are building apartments and buildings in general China has too many or too many primary housing units which sounds crazy because there are a lot of people in China, but it will be an improvement that will happen .

Whereas most of the financial analysts are busy making predictions about the future of the economy. Most people just want to know the current state of events and Musk has the answer. You are still wondering why some companies fail while others succeed in recession, if you look at it where do you think the economy is going right now do you think we will go into recession? Or is it just a risk. How do you assess our current economic situation, economic records predict economics is always hard and once you specify the possibilities for these things.

But ironically over the years people have asked me that What I think about the economy I said well I think we could enter recession around 2020 in the spring of 2022. A recession isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been through some of them now and what if you have a boom that lasts too long you get a wrong allocation of capital basically it’s like any dumb thing gets money And I’m sure you’ve seen some of them.

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