Elon Musk’s AI Master Plan: The Hidden Truth

The man who speaks with great criticality against artificial intelligence is building himself a Tesla AI bot that takes care of boring mundane tasks and helps out in factories, but the whole story is about him being an artificial intelligence bot. It is very easy to build a colony on the planet as they do not need us humans as their hidden agenda is to find out Tesla.

From squadrons of electric vehicles to humanoid robots led by Elon Musk, the giant is ready to transition into members. The Texas-based firm plans to deploy several Tesla AI bots, or Optimus robots, in its factories and around the world, according to multiple job listings on Tesla’s website for Reuters AI bots. For the August 2021 debut during Tesla’s AI Day, the company plans to go beyond logistics this time.

Elon Musk sees the domestic robot as essentially a friend or companion to the cat girl if you consider what you’re doing with the cards right now. Tesla is undoubtedly the world’s largest robotics manufacturer because our automobiles are on wheels. Elon Musk said at the time of the announcement that the Tesla AI bot is 1.73 meters tall, weighs 57 kilograms, and has a top speed of 5 to 8 kilometers per hour. The bot is meant to be enjoyable.

Tesla designed it to be slow and vulnerable if things go wrong, we designed it to try to get away from you possibly physically and certainly beyond a mechanical level that never There should be, but you never know. According to Elon there will be screen to show valuable knowledge based on Tesla bot made of lightweight materials, it will have 12 hands with human fingers 12 tackle toy occupators. There would also be a balanced applied response capability to sense the legs on two axes, two in the torso and two in the neck.

In January Elon Musk issued a statement that artificial intelligence skills would let robots perform dangerous repetitive and mundane tasks. They have the potential to become more important than the vehicle business over time and can also solve the labor shortage. Musk has made many promises that haven’t been fulfilled yet, but now the Tesla AI bot update is almost here. And the expectations are very high If you enjoy this video make sure you hit the like button and subscribe for more videos like this.

Elon Musk CEO of Optimus Project is very upbeat about the Q1 2022 earnings call, while adding that he sees the Tesla AI bot initiative as more valuable than Tesla’s car business today, noting that Tesla’s electronic vehicles As the business accounts for a large portion of the company’s $789 billion market cap, such predictions are likely warranted. Expect cautiously.

The driving or FSD package facility puts pressure on the company to start production before it’s ready, but Tesla has already missed several deadlines.

1 million robot taxis to be converted to automobiles by end of 2017, but target group now widens its FSD beta program So dissatisfied that they have filed a class action lawsuit against Tesla. filed a lawsuit, some were concerned that Tesla was spreading itself too thin about the Optimus humanoid robot project, with Elon Musk even saying that robots had become a deep concern at Tesla that Tesla decided to use was designed.

Its self-driving computer vision robot is researching the issues of invoicing. Given that the automaker has yet to deliver on its self-driving pledge despite selling the element to customers, Tesla is skeptical that it can show the technological advances that justify the expense of general-purpose robots across industries. . Tesla already uses a large number of robots built for specific tasks in its auto manufacturing.

The dynamics unit has been working on humanoid robots for years, robots like self-driving cars deal with unpredictable situations, self-driving cars have not performed as smoothly as some people believe, to some extent humanoid robots . Similarly, being adaptable and resilient in the face of unexpected events is very challenging, according to Nancy Cook, Sean Azimi, professor of human systems engineering at Arizona State University, leader of NASA’s Resilience Robotics team, told Reuters. have to be displayed.

Advancing evidence like this could help propel Tesla stock down 25 percent from its peak in 2021. It’s already done if he gets the robot to walk or the robot to dance that’s not very remarkable, did he say the analysts tried glitz and glamor instead.

The product to distract people is part of providing them a new toy to do and explore, something Sam Ambo, an analyst at Guide House Insights, isn’t too happy about Optimus, says Gene Monster, managing partner at Lope Ventures. Who is the owner of Tesla. Although it has little chance of appearing on a large scale, he says, it is far more complex in self-driving cars. Tesla’s history is full of brilliant ideas solar powered supercharger network battery swapping robot snake style charger rocket travels from city to city.

never succeeds. Self-driving cars are just a few examples, then Elon Musk’s own factory experience with robots during 2018’s production hell. He claimed that he is paid to expertly maintain the complex robot at the expense of hiring one, by inflating it on batteries. According to Aaron Johnson, professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, just put it to someone doing the assembly. The idea that freedom often does not generalize well.

The ability to handle soft fluffy material that is not as easy to predict as a hard piece is on the other hand a big problem Xiaomi unveils Cyber One this humanoid robot set looks 1.77m tall and weighs 52kg Tesla’s AI bot to counter Cyber1 is seen in a meeting with Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun in Beijing on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Most likely to demonstrate that its rat-like hands can grasp a wide variety of objects, everyone is looking forward to the grand reveal of the Tesla AI bot on September 30, 2022. Tesla’s AI Day is turning into an increasingly more prominent event over a period with live broadcasts watched by millions of people around the world. We can look forward to some memorable moments and new concepts in the media headlines on 30th September 2022. Let’s see if you’re interested in owning a Tesla bot or you need to believe that AI will be the end of humanity, a win-win situation.



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