Elon Musk’s all apple new phone just destroyed Apple.

Billionaire mogul Elon Musk has destroyed Apple with a new crazy Tesla phone as the world’s largest electric vehicle maker Tesla works on a futuristic smartphone known as the Model Pi.

Which now makes the Model Pi phone better than the iPhone How it’s a shame Apple’s iPhone joins us today as we find out how Elon Musk’s new phone just destroyed Apple.

As the master of the smartphone industry the Pi has come up with crazy features that are better than Apple’s iPhone, you got it right. Apple has been the king of the smartphone industry for many years. Sold millions of smartphones.

With over 200 million Apple iPhones sold, this means that Apple has been great in the smartphone industry for decades, yet a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire smartphone industry.

The world’s billionaire moguls arrived who invest heavily in their products, backing the new Tesla Model Pi phone The Model Pi phone is what tech billionaire Elon Musk believes is everything he believes in.

that everything he does comes into reality talk of the man with the golden hands If you are not surprised let’s consider Tesla which produces more electric vehicles and only last year cars Tesla made 184 800 electric vehicles Delivered and produced 180 338 cars per Tesla Model 3.

Model Y vehicles include 95 deliveries in the first quarter of this year, so much so that Elon is getting more fruit in its basket via SpaceX that is.

Putting more satellites into space at unbelievable speeds and consequently attracting more customers is undoubtedly what SpaceX takes NASA astronauts to space and back.

A clear sign that Elon’s Model Pi phone is about to overtake the monotonous Apple iPhone as it ventures into a crazy futuristic smartphone industry that triggers the need for crazy Model Pi phones.

Maybe it’s because Tesla relies heavily on social media like Twi to announce you’ll agree with me that Tesla uses Twitter a lot to announce its products after it dissolved its public relations in October 2020. Is.

You can imagine that Tesla CEO Elon Reeve Musk has over 100 million followers on Twitter. Tesla has 16.4 million followers on both accounts on its own, following a series of announcements involving companies developing a promising Model Pi phone.

I know you’re concerned about which phone both Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk are using to make announcements that are well-anticipated.

Elon, the world’s richest person, is an iPhone user. You don’t need to go very far before realizing it. Maybe Apple’s iPhone has probably been the best smartphone in the market for decades. Take a look at Elon’s Twitter handle to prove it.

You’ll get to see that each of his tweets comes with the words Twitter for iPhone Unfortunately tech billionaire Elon is unhappy with Apple’s phone. What could be the reason maybe it faces trouble typing frustrations.

According to him Apple needs to fix the autocorrect feature because these frustrations have resulted in three tweets by Musk including a meme condemning Apple, one of which reads that please is a misspelling. .

In recent interviews, Musk was unhappy with software updates to Apple’s iPhone. He was disappointed with Apple’s iPhone that broke its email system. Speaking at an event in Washington, Musk said people are getting better every year. Are used to the phone.

I’m an iPhone user, but I find that some recent software update definitely isn’t feeding into the point, like it broke my email system, which is pretty fundamental.

Such as the obscure software update issue given the iPhone’s shortcomings, such as the annoying autocorrect feature in Tesla. Now the model has started production of Pi phone which will solve the challenges caused by iPhone La Pi phone comes with futuristic.

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