Elon Musk’s Father’s Secret Child With His Stepdaughter.

Elon Musk’s biological father Elon Musk has just confirmed having a second child with his stepdaughter How the secret baby was born is how Musk’s family reacted to the unfortunate news.

What Elon has to say about how Elon’s father confirms a second child with his stepdaughter Elon and his 76-year-old dad Errol are men on a mission to have multiple children.

While they both agree to populate the world, they sharply disagree on the type of woman they should be. Elon’s children are deeply disappointed when their father has a second child with his half-sister, 35-year-old Janna Bajudenhot. .

But how did Elon have a son and now a daughter with his stepdaughter, who was married to her mother for 18 years and is the biological father of her two half-sisters to get a better understanding of how to father And the daughter had two children.

It would help if we look at Elon Musk’s social and marriage life Dating and Eromus’ marital life began in his youth like every other young man, he met a young woman by the name of May Haldeman.

The one who stole her heart in 1970, Elon, 24, and Mae, 22, got married together. Welcoming three children Tesla founder and CEO Elon is the first child who was born in 1971.

He was followed by his brother, Kimball Musk, a year later; the couple welcomed their only daughter, and the last born, Tosca Musk, in 1974. As luck would have it, their marriage was short.

They got divorced in 1979. Elon and his siblings had a difficult childhood, where they had to spend some time with their now-separated parents, who could mostly stay with Tosca.

While living with three boys, Arrow remarried in 1979 soon after the divorce. The woman by the name of Heidi Bhuzenhoot who came to the marriage with two children, one of them was Jain, at that time Jain was only four years old.

Heidi Errol had two children with Asha Rose and Alexa. Errol divorced for the second time after 18 years of marriage, given the circumstances that Heidi had left with her two children from her previous marriage.

In one of those interviews being Zayn, Elon Musk has revealed that his communication with Zayn began in 2014 when he called her. The young woman in her late 20s expressed to her former stepfather about the difficulties she was going through in life.

She admitted that she couldn’t even buy food accommodation or decent clothes, at which point the aged Elon decided to help. Her enough money for the food moved her to a better apartment.

Buy her some nice clothes, as Jain did not have a good job, meet all her expenses from 2014 to 2016. The romance began between Elon Musk and his stepdaughter Zayn.

2016 when he visited the VC for a weekend in 2016. Of the many things they did together that weekend, we can be sure that they slept together because a few months later, Jenna said she was pregnant.

The idea of ​​aborting the child was rejected when Zayn insisted she wanted the child. Elliot Rush Musk was born in May 2017. After DNA tests to confirm that Errol was the father of the child.

Musk to the elders revealed the news of his relationship with Zayn and the birth of a new son to the public; this was news that was not well received by the patriarchal family.

And she is said to have severed her relationship with her first child. Elon Musk hated his father Behavior Elon heavily criticized him in a 2017 Rolling Stone interview, saying he was such a terrible person.

You have no idea in the same interview. He said that almost every crime you can possibly think of that he committed, it is reported that Elon confessed this when tears were running down his face. Elon has yet to clear on anything.

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