Elon Musk’s incredible new discovery changed everything.

CERN physicists made an incredible discovery that changes more than we understand the universe, and that’s what CERN physicists have been researching since 1964 when it was first suggested that they discovered how physicists at CERN made an incredible discovery.

Trying to understand the completeness of the universe and they have always found a complete picture of the universe and even with the most sophisticated instruments difficult. But now there is reason to smile. Physicists at CERN have just made an incredible discovery. It replaces everything defined as the amount of matter in the physical body.

Scientists believe that the world is 4.5 billion years old, many theories try to explain how the universe formed, so our Big Bang theory appears to be the most reliable, the scientist said before going into detail on July 4, 2012 does not explain the origin of elementary particles, when the first discovery of the God particle was announced.

Where the discovery of particles is littered with missing keystones of the Standard Model of particle physics, scientists said. If this science is true then undoubtedly the Higgs boson is the reason for our history and it means a lot to you because it only takes two years to fill it. A gap forever missing in the world of physics but which cannot be felt without the presence of the LHC built between 1998 and 2008.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest and most powerful collider in the world. Is. Scientists around the world use instruments to understand particle science. So far it is good that the LHC works to accelerate particles faster than the speed of light, these particles could be protons or ions. The LHC consists of a ring with a diameter of 27 km which contains superconducting magnets.

Which increases the energy of the particles along the way by splitting the LHC into parts of different machines where each successive part provides an increase in the energy of protons and ions. Particles move from part to part and by the time they reach the final machine they have attained the highest energy through this process, scientists understand fundamental particles as well as the consequences of their interactions with it Huh.

Furthermore the LHC has helped answer perhaps the biggest question in particle physics. Genesis explains a large range of particles and their interactions. This theory has explained a variety of phenomena and experimental results in particle physics, one thing that remains unclear is the origin of these particles or the standard theory is not understood. Why some particles are heavy while others have no mass is the missing link that scientists have been trying to find for years.

Thanks for the discovery at CERN and a promising future with the LHC. Everything has mass. It moves from liquid to solid. Along with gases, humans, like other animals, have mass. When particles combine to form an object, the mass of the particles is found, then these particles combine to form an object.

So now the reason for its existence is that we have objects created by particles with mass and existence where these particles were. While the universe did not begin before the Big Bang particles, how they came about and how they gained mass, the process by which these particles gained mass, remained a mystery.

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