Elon Musk’s kids told the deep truth about their father.

Elon Musk’s kids have finally revealed what they think of their father, Elon is a billionaire tech genius and a hardworking CEO but what his kids think of him .He’s a great man at home like he’s in public today the show is where we get to know what Elon’s kids think of their father. The richest man in the world is the father of seven wonderful children.

Xavier is the eldest of the twins. Griffin is a set who turns 18 years old, followed by another set of triplets Kai Saxon and Damien who is now 16 years old. And finally X-ash A-12 and AXA Dark Sidrielle Musk who were later nicknamed Baby X and Y because of their difficult names. Have Some Opinions About Elon Musk But Wait Insert Number 6 Because Baby Y Is Still Too Young To Speak For Himself Musk Has His Biography By Ashley Vance About Raising Himself As A Good Father Have something to say.

Early was supported by his ex-wife Riley, who said that Elon Musk was very committed to his children, saying that Musk loved playing video games with his children before eventually taking them to bed on top. Musk always takes something a couple of times a week to spend time with his family. As good as it sounds, it’s actually true. Let’s find out what children say about their father.

Musk’s World These kids are amazed at how you’ll be the first generation of the richest man while very young boys are told that their father will take them on his business trips. Where he would enjoy the same luxuries as his father would enjoy an important businessman. He was taken to exotic high-profile places and like royalty.

One offered to give a fun tour of the Great Wall of China and they had one o terracotta among many other examples. Elon Musk seizes the opportunity to ride a bullet train from Beijing to Shan to see the warriors with one of his children. When he goes for the interview it seems that he is watching his kids active in their corporate world. Elon Musk doesn’t take out any time to spend with his kids.

The world’s richest tech entrepreneurs always take some time out to be in a perfect place with their kids, with their families. Spend a quiet family time out of the paparazzi and where he won’t beep incessantly from his phone where everyone has their own guard. Elon Musk needs to be on his own to be seen in public with kids. As can be seen from the time he was having some fun at Disneyland for the traditional pre-launch.

These are the few times when he is seen in public having a good time with his family. Many can be lucrative and expensive places. Taken as children who are kept out of the public eye, most of us think of Elon Musk as a cool guy who has spent more than a dozen ongoing and demanding jobs. Successfully managed companies. The eldest twins were only 10 years old while three were 7 years old. He told the attendants that his children were not excited to fly rockets into space. He said that he loved good things, he said that once he arrived at the Tesla factory he was thinking only of getting excited about cars.

Much to his dismay, he had gone to the factory 20 times earlier and didn’t seem excited about the EV. Elon said he was more excited about his invention than his kids, Elon was like an iron man to his kids so get ready for a harsh shock they treat him as just another old boring father let’s see in.

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