Elon Musk’s most interesting tweets of 2022

Elon Musk’s Most Interesting Tweets of 2022 Elon Musk is second only to former President Barack Obama with more than 122M Twitter followers Billionaire Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter in mid-April has made waves over the past year a After a months-long saga in which Musk changed his mind about the purchase and multiple lawsuits, the $44 billion acquisition was officially completed in October.

He has gained over eight million followers since acquiring the social media company and now has over 122 million followers second only to former President Barack Obama. Uses Twitter to express personal views on things Asks users how the platform should be run. Gaining close to 270,000 followers a day, Musk was one of the platform’s most influential users before his acquisition and has only made more headlines since then.

Elon Musk wanting to buy Twitter to buy Twitter makes sense given what he’s posted on the platform in recent years. It’s also pretty funny because Elon is pretty good at provoking people and making bad jokes on Twitter.2022 has been huge for Twitter and one of its most famous users, Elon Musk, who added the social media platform to his portfolio of companies this year. Since the end of October 2022, Twitter has been joined by SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, OpenAI and The Boring Company.

Musk first began acquiring shares in Twitter in January 2022, gradually increasing his stake over the coming months to become the company’s largest shareholder. In mid-April 2022, he made an offer to buy the entire company at $54.20 a share which would have meant he would have spent $44 billion to take Twitter private. Musk rebuffed his offer or tried to push the price down, claiming that Twitter was hiding how serious its spam bot problem was, which inflated the number of its subscribers. This prompted a legal challenge from Twitter to try and force him to pay the original price.

After several months of filing and counter-filing by Twitter and Musk’s legal teams, he finally agreed to buy the company for $44 billion Twitter is the less interesting of Musk’s ventures when it comes to cutting-edge technology. Yet its acquisition came at a great cost to Musk’s fortune. Shares of his electric vehicle company Tesla rose after Musk sold at least $19 billion of stock in the company to fund part of the $44 billion Twitter purchase .

Many analysts and Musk himself believe that he overpaid for the company. So it makes sense that Musk has devoted a lot of time and energy to making his investments pay off. Within weeks of taking office, Musk laid off thousands of employees, stopped remote working, and cut spending such as free lunches. He urged Twitter employees to improve the Blue subscription service and develop new features for the platform to generate more revenue outside of advertising. Several major advertisers took issue with Musk’s turmoil. Although Apple has reportedly resumed advertising on the platform, it has deleted all of its tweets .

Musk a tweeting newbie, has been a frequent user of his platform this year as well, typically posting several tweets per day. Many of these focused on Twitter and its plans in the wake of the acquisition. The 51-year-old has long been among the platform’s most prolific tweeters, with news publications often jumping in to report his public statements. Musk has also been known to embrace geek and internet culture in his online activity. He frequently discusses his experience playing specific computer games and consistently posts and retweets famous images.

My Broadband collected the eccentric billionaire’s top 10 tweets for 2022, based on the number of times Twitter users liked/liked them. Most of the tweets related to Musk’s relationship with Twitter were expressed in good humor.

1: ‘I made an offer’
Musk announced his offer to buy Twitter by tweeting a link to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The declaration was trailed by blended responses from the tech local area, superstars, and people in general. He said in a subsequent tweet that the privatized Twitter would attempt to keep as many shareholders as permitted by law.

2. New Sheriff in Town
The day Musk’s acquisition of the social media company became official, he tweeted that the bird was free.

3. Drink
In an April tweet, Musk said he was buying Coca-Cola to bring back cocaine. He later tweeted that he would quit as soon as he saw a fool.

4. ‘The best scent on earth’
Musk launched a new perfume called “Burnt Hair . In a tweet he depicted it as “the best scent on the planet”. The fragrance is obviously sold out until the following year.

5. Musk vs Putin
In a tweet under a month after the conflict started, Musk moved Russian President Vladimir Putin to “bet” a solitary conflict with Ukraine.

6. ‘Let That Sink In!’
Musk tweeted on October 26 in which a sink was brought to Twitter central command, a day prior to the securing bargain was to be finished. “Entering Twitter HQ – Let him suffocate! “he engraved the viral video, which has collected practically 48 million perspectives.

7. Talk
Musk tweeted in April, “I trust even my most horrendous savants stay on Twitter, since that is what’s really the deal with free talk.”

A self-described “free speech despot”, she persisted in November by restoring the suspended accounts of former President Donald Trump, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. But Musk recently faced criticism for suspending the accounts of several journalists.

8. Musk Flexes Her Second Amendment Rights
In a photograph of his bedside table, Musk shows two firearms, a jar of Diet Coke and a composition of George Washington.

9. ‘Comedy is now legal on Twitter’
The October tweet got more than 2.3 million likes, and it came just a day after her acquisition.

10. ‘Nice Know You’
The bleak tweet got over 1.8 million preferences and 171,000 retweets.

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