Elon Musk’s NEW Mercedes Deal Shocks The Entire Industry

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is on his way to test drive Mercedes after Twitter’s Bluebird ride We all have dreamed of buying a Mercedes car once in our lives but Musk is going to buy the entire Mercedes-Benz company but why would he buy it Here’s why Elon Musk just signed the papers to buy Mercedes and answers these questions Tesla Tesla, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles, has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Despite being only two decades old, it has already left traditional automobile sector leaders behind indecisive market share. CEO Musk recently said in a TV interview that the business intends to buy Germany’s Mercedes-Benz in the near future. While on the other hand Tesla is all set to acquire Mercedes-Benz which is popular among car enthusiasts.

Beach has managed to maintain its reputation World Did Tesla benefit from the deal Auto industry Tesla has overtaken all competitors in terms of market capitalization If you look at the global list of major automakers by market capitalization You can find out how much Tesla is worth to me in layman’s terms by trying to get the USA to become the car industry.

Japan or Russia Tesla is the market leader with a market value of more than one trillion dollars The major automaker was the first to join the exclusive trillion dollar club, which includes Apple, Microsoft Amazon, Saudi Aramco and Google Tesla has a market value of more than one trillion Dollar is up 25 October 2020. When Hertz announced a deal to buy 100 000 Tesla electric automobiles, Tesla shares rose 10 percent as a result of the announcement.

Many are puzzled in relation to the number of automobiles sold by Tesla in the market Number of cars While Tesla sold more than 5,00,000 cars in 2020 increasing its market valuation to one trillion N$ Toyota sold 19 times more cars sold and only a fifth of Tesla’s market value. No other enthusiast has come close to matching this innovative EV maker’s market value, according to Clean Tesla. Only three other firms achieved the $100 billion market cap.

Tesla overtook traditional manufacturers Mercedes Lexus Audi and BMW in the United States in the third quarter of 2021. Tied to Pinnacle of Success Surprisingly Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler is only at number six on the first list with a market capitalization of $89 billion. If Daimler wants to, it is nothing short of a miracle that a small company has outdone a long-established industry leader.

In less than four years it will be a century old when capital cuts are discussed. Significantly, things could have turned out quite differently if Daimler had not taken certain steps in 2014. Daimler acquired a 9% stake in Musk’s successful automobile firm, which resulted from a failed $50 million investment in 2009. Tesla’s board representatives Although the German manufacturer plans to sell a portion of this large investment.

This left Mercedes-Benz with only four percent of Tesla’s interest as of 2014. Amazingly, Mercedes made a poor investment decision selling a four percent stake in 2014 for $718 million. Consider what might happen if Daimler took over today. A nine percent share of its Tesla stock put would be worth close to $100 billion, roughly equal to the net worth of Mercedes-Benz. Either way it would be a catastrophic mistake.

Companies like Ford are catching up and it’s not an exaggeration to predict that Tesla will be there in terms of sales by the end of the decade, too. That doesn’t diminish Musk’s enthusiasm for the German carmaker that will dominate the global automobile industry, first. Daimler had the potential to pursue sustainable transportation and lithium-ion cells. The development for electric vehicles Tesla CEO Elon Musk said a decade ago he found a Dutch Accumotive GmbH, a subsidiary business.

Which produces and markets batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, although Tesla is best known in the field of batteries. One of the brands. We all know how that ended after the Mercedes Tesla collaboration wouldn’t be the first time the two automakers would negotiate Tesla’s battery packs and charging technologies in exchange for Mercedes engineers and supply chain expertise.

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