Elon Musk’s SpaceX to reveal ‘something special’ with T-Mobile.

Elon Musk’s Star link will host a live stream with T-Mobile later today, with the satellite internet company set to reveal plans to increase connectivity.

Starlink, which provides Internet connections through 3,000 satellites launched into orbit, has more than half a million customers signed up for its services since its inception.

But partnering with T-Mobile could prove to be a valuable and lucrative decision in the long run. The telecom company already has a huge foundation and infrastructure when it comes to internet connectivity.

On that campus Starlink could potentially provide 5G connections in remote areas, tapping and vice versa.

NotebookCheck aptly highlights how the announcement will come at a time when the FCC has allowed Internet access within moving vehicles via the Starlink platform.

The only caveat is that it would have to deal with interference from other services, although that aspect would be made redundant through partnerships. The website also mentions SpaceX’s ongoing battle with another satellite provider, Dish.

Musk’s company says that if the 12GHz spectrum shares satellite frequencies with its 5G terrestrial network, Starlink’s internet will later become unusable due to potential interference.

In either case, the alliance between Starlink and T-Mobile could see both companies eligible for government subsidies related to rural Internet investments. Rural coverage may be an area of ​​discussion in today’s livestream.

T-Mobile has a 5G coverage quota it’s looking to fill, and Starlink can help meet that. NotebookCheck explains how T-Mobile’s cell towers can use Starlink’s infrastructure on the ground as opposed to investing in fiber for rural areas.

As reported by Geekwire, the terrestrial wireless space is becoming more competitive with telecommunications giants Verizon and AT&T providing 5G connections as well.

Elsewhere, Starlink was the subject of discussion at a recent security event, in which a researcher demonstrated breaching the services of a satellite dish with a $25 homemade device.

As reported by Notebook Check, the announcement was teased on SpaceX’s Twitter account, after which a tweet from Musk insisted it was something special.

The livestream will be live at 8 pm. ET is scheduled to host the announcement event along with Mike Sievert, CEO of both Musk and T-Mobile.

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